Raiding Highlights from Cataclysm

Past few months have been nothing but good times for the guild and for me. There were obviously some lows but much more highs. I had gigs upon gigs of videos from learning attempts scattered on my hard drives. So I decided to put a little something together showcasing the good, the wipes, and the stuff that makes you go “What just happened?”.

Many of the clips do feature heavy usages of Leap of Faith. You can see instances where it is used as intended. There are other cases where it is used but… misfires. If you’re a new Priest, I strongly encourage you to practice learning Leap of Faith and when to use it. I’ll have a post coming in the near future with practical usage tips and things to keep in mind, but it’s an extremely reflexive type of spell. It’s not a spell that you intentionally plan ahead of time to use (at least, not usually). I know there are still Priests out there who do not believe in using it to get people out of fires and stuff. And I agree with that sentiment, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on them. As players, we need to do all that we can to try to salvage attempts using whatever skills we have at our disposal even if it adds a bit of embarrassment to someone else who didn’t react quick enough. Besides, there are times such as the Atramedes clips where players are doing everything possible but are still going to get beat.

But that’s where we come in.

I guess it’s my mentality from being a goaltender in hockey for so long.

I will gladly bail out my team.

I got their back. And I know they got mine.

P.S. Ever wonders what happens when Priest A Life Grips Priest B who Life Grips a Pally? Watch the end. But if you want the spoiler:

Priest B gets pulled to Priest A while the Pally gets pulled to where Priest B was originally before the pull.

All in the name of science!

8 thoughts on “Raiding Highlights from Cataclysm”

  1. Planned Life Grip usage:

    – Atramedes kiter during airphase (mostly as a backup in case he runs out of speed enhancing things, or if he doesn’t have any speed enhancing tricks)

    – Halfus tankpinball. Some combinations on Halfus mean some insane damage at the start of the fight on your tanks. So at one point I figured, what if there is some time in between Halfus beating our tank to a pulp and the actual start of the fight? Seeing our 10man team usually holds 2 priests (1 shadow, 1 healer) I came up with a tankpinballpull (works best with a warrior):
    1) warrior tank stands at heroic throw range from Halfus, or a bit further if you have a hunter MD at your disposal.
    2) priest A stands at max life grip distance from the tank
    3) priest B stands at max life grip distance from priest A (the end result of this setup should be kind of a square with warr, halfus & priests on the corners)
    5) MD or HT pull, Life grip A when Halfus reaches warrior, Life grip B when Halfus reaches priest A, Heroic Leap, Intervene. You just bought yourself 10-12 seconds of no damage on tank 1 😉 Also, its fun!

  2. I’ve been trying to use life grip for good and not evil. Usually its a way for me to screw with guildies.

    Our first attempt on Omnitron I used it to Yank a mage with the Electric debuff out from the aranotron puddles and thus preven a raid wipe!

    My other success was using it to buy people being chased by poison bombs a few extra seconds.

    Its just a great spell. I have it tcurrently bound to my scroll down mouse wheel so that I can think of it like Scorpion’s “Get over here!” move from mortal combat. Occasionally I accidentally LoF the tank when I meant to PoM him, but its still funny.

  3. Last night Ascendant Council, tank on the waterboss gets waterlogged, and so did I. I was close to the fire, run into it, LG the tank and he gets to use the Body & Soul speed to return to his tanking position.

    Chogall. Our druid healer gets MC’d, I am closest to him but my fear is on cooldown (priest healer). I spot my warrior tank on his way back from add duty, but I’ve seen him charge not too long ago, so it has a high probability of being on CD. So I turn around, LG him & yell on vent to breakfree the druid 🙂

    And its not overly complicated Matt, it really gives you some breathing room and makes for good fun :p Seeing Halfus running around like an oaf trying to get to the puny tank is funny 🙂

  4. With 4 priests often present in our 25 mans we’ve taken to Lifegrip trains during downtime. Positioning ourselves around a room and gripping people in zigzags, or around the edge. If only we had more priests! We could do stars…

    • You guys got the deal with the melee too? If there’s anyone they want lower on the meters, we’ll take a small fee and I’ll set up chain life grips.

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