Reminder: Updated Dispel Mechanics

Just wanted to post a quick reminder of the dispel changes. Every healing class has the capability to remove harmful magic effects from friendly targets. You may have to talent into it somewhere, but it is possible.

In encounters going forward, any highly important buffs that need to be removed will come in the form of magic. Other negative debuffs will annoy the raid or make life a little more difficult, but they will not get to the point where the encounter becomes literally impossible to do.

For example, if Lich King were to become a Cataclysm encounter, Necrotic Plague would be a magical ability so that any healing class could remove it.


Remove Corruption – Removes a curse and a poison (Removing magic requires the Nature’s Cure talent).


Cleanse – Removes a disease and a poison (Removing magic requires the Sacred Cleansing talent).

Note: Protection and retribution paladins cannot cleanse remove magic.


Dispel Magic – Removes 2 harmful spells from allies or 2 buff spells from enemies.
Cure Disease – Removes a disease.

Note: Shadow priests cannot remove diseases in Shadowform but can still dispel. No change to Body and Soul. It will still remove a poison if you Cure Disease yourself only (Won’t work on others).


Purge – Removes 2 buff spells from enemies.
Cleanse Spirit – Removes a curse (Removing magic requires the Improved Cleanse Spirit talent)

Note: Disease and poison removal abilities have been removed. Yes, that includes the totems.

Mages, warriors, hunters and warlocks (Fel Hunter) have no changes to their dispel mechanics.

Actually, come to think of it, Necrotic Plague is still going to be a disease in post 4.0.1. That means the only way to remove it is by having a priest or a holy paladin in the raid.

Oh dear.

Hopefully, it’ll be hot fixed so that it becomes a magic effect or something. Unless they don’t expect anyone to raid past 4.0.1. Right?

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  1. Prot/ret paladins are not going to be able to cleanse? I haven’t heard about that yet, according to MMO Champ. and Wowhead Cleanse is going to be available to all paladins.
    It’s only going to work on poisons and diseases unless you got the Sacred Cleansing talent though.
    Of course, I’m not saying you’re wrong but you’re the first person to say it so I was wondering…

    • Imak: Nope, I’m wrong. I meant to say Magic only not just disease. As it is right now, Paladins of any spec are able to get rid of magic. But with 4.0.1, only Holy paladins can do that.

      This is what blogging at 2 AM does.

  2. What Imak said. Cleanse is still a baseline spell. Shaman losing cleansing totem, however is really irritating. How on earth do we go from being the premier poison/disease removal class to not having it at all?

    • They killed cleansing totems because they wanted to get rid of all of the “press butan, nullify entire debuff type for x seconds” abilities. Abolish poison/disease are also gone.

      Shaman lose disease/poison removal entirely because under the new system, each healer gets three of the five types of dispel (magic debuff, magic buff, poison, disease, curse)- magic debuff and two others. Adding magic debuff removal to resto shaman gives them all five types, so they have to lose two. Two other healing classes have poison(pal/dru) and disease(pal/pri) removal, while only one other healing class has magic buff(pri) and curse(dru,) so logically poison/disease are the ones you drop.

  3. I think your note on Necrotic Plague is a little off. Since spriests can’t cleanse diseases anymore, but pallies of all flavors should be able to, what the raid needs is some kind of paladin or a healing priest. Right? Not a healing paladin or any kind of priest. I think you’ve got the opposite there. Unless I’m confused.

    The raid makeup in my 10 sucks, so the tanks (dual pallies) are used to being on Necrotic Plague duty anyways. No change there! 🙂

    • Anafielle: Yeah, it is you’re correct. Modified it though. That SORT OF alleviates the pressure a bit. The odds of having some kind of Paladin in the raid will be higher than having a holy paladin and an any priest.

  4. Any insight into mana-management & decursing? I know they said that cleanses could now be cast even without the debuffs present, & wished to increase the mana burden per cleanse.

    How does that feel on the Beta/PTR? Will it be essential to set up a dedicated cleanser for things like the Necrotic plague come Tuesday, or will we be safe(ish) for the time being while we adjust?

    • Medo: Negative on mana burdens when it comes to dispelling. As long as you’re not me and spamming it like crazy, you should be fine. Either way, there’s all the other mana restoration abilities that’ll come in handy too.

      Seriously, I’d used to make a game of it with my other dispellers when we did Iron Council to see who could clean off his Fusion Punch. I am proud to say I owned the leaderboard on that one. But you know, being the nice guy that I am, I “allowed” some of my other healers to win once in a while ;).

    • Thanks Matt. I too had the Iron Council in mind when the disquiet started in my brain. Then I saw the words “necrotic plague” written, & the anxiety intensified. On the plus side, I heal better with a bit of panic on the brain.

  5. As a priest nothing has really changed. Pvpwise being able to remove diseases really only affected 2 classes, and now that DK has disease protection it’s even less valueable.

    Our strength will still remain in the ability to be able to offensively dispel buffs off others, which is reason enough to make room for shamans and priests in your rated BG premades.

    I’m hopeful 🙂


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