Restoration Shaman – Ulduar 10 Gear

It was requested that I do a post highlighting the gear for the 10 man raiders, so here it is!

It’s often easily looked over when your focus is on 25 man raiding, but 10 mans are there and are a wonderful thing. They allow smaller guilds to still be able to see endgame content and to be honest some of the best loot comes from 10 man raids. Lets take a look at the toys a shaman has available to him running around in 10 man Ulduar!

Head – Couple good pieces for your head come from 10 man Uld First up is [Helm of Veiled Energies] (XT-002) Haste, Crit and good spellpower, can’t really go wrong there. Second choice is your tier piece [Valorous Worldbreaker Headpiece] (Mimron). Your tier pieces are always a good pick up

Neck[Pendant of Endless Despair] (General Vezax) is a good pickup Crit and MP5 will help keep those mana stores filled and it has decent spell power to boot. Another choice is [Pendant of the Shallow Grave] (Thorim) Haste, Crit and Spellpower as well as a yellow socket. Not bad at all.

Shoulders – Not much for us unless you have some odd obsession with spirit (let’s hope you don’t) so I would say just snag your [Valorous Worldbreaker Spaulders] (Thorim) and say thank you =D

Back -  Here we have three choices, two of which are zone wide drops from trash. First up is [Cloak of the Dormant Blaze] crit and MP5 make this an attractive pickup if you’re lucky enough to see it drop. [Drape of the Spellweaver] this one has Haste and Crit. It’s a bit more of a dps cloak but it’s still good for us. If you don’t want to wait for trash to drop it, you can take a gander at [Shawl of the Caretaker] (Ignis). Good stats, if you see it drop I suggest trying to snag it.

Chest – Obvious choice would be the tier 8 chest piece [Valorous Worldbreaker Tunic] (Yogg). If you’re find yourself with time before you get to yogg you can always opt for [Firestrider Chestguard] (Flame Leviathan). Haste and Crit, its a good pickup.

Waist [Belt of the Iron Servant] (Iron Council) is a great belt from the 10 man. Great smattering of stats, good regen. Well worth the pickup. Another option if you have the cash to burn, you can pick up [Blue Belt of Chaos]. Crit and MP5 as well as two sockets make for a good belt. Toss a belt buckle on there and it’s even better.

Wrist[Armbraces of the Vibrant Flame] (Ignis) are BoE so you can probably snag them on the AH if you don’t see them drop. Another option is after you snag 60 Emblems of Valor to pick up [Pigmented Clan Bindings], they should last you a long while.

Legs[Ironscale Leggins] (Razorscale) has good MP5, a nice smattering of haste and some good spell power. Worth the pickup while you wait for [Valorous Worldbreaker Kilt] (Hodir)

Feet [Greaves of the Earthbinder] (Thorim) are a good pickup. Crit and MP5 as well as a blue socket make these very nice.

Main Hand – First up is [Pulse Baton] (Mimron) A solid main hand weapon and well worth picking up. Less conventional options are [Stormtip] (IC) and [Plasma Foil] (XT-002) they pack good spell power with either Haste or Crit respectively. The only problem with them is that they pack spirit, which is wasted on a shaman. If these are going to be sharded or offer a significant boost in spell power and either crit or haste they are worth grabbing as a transition piece. But its something I would avoid if possible.

Offhand[Ice Layered Barrier] (Hodir hardmode) is a best in slot item for even heroic level. It’s a rock solid shield with great stats. If you can get this get it! Another very solid option is [Pulsing Spellshield] (XT-002) Crit and Haste help it be a very nice shaman shield.

Rings -  [Fire Orchid Signet] (Freya) is a great pick up. The ring has all the right stats and a socket to boot. Another good option is to get [Renewal of Life] (25 Emblem of Valor) with your badges. It’s a solid ring and will last you a while.

Trinkets – There are three trinkets from 10 man ulduar that are worth looking at. [Energy Siphon] (FL) has great MP5 and the on use effect is nothing to scoff at.  [Eye of the Broodmother] (Razor) 87 crit (almost 2%) combined with essentially a 125 sp boost makes this an amazing trinket to grab if you can. Last up is [Sif’s Rememberance] (Thorim) Good spell power and it gives you a chance to proc more MP5. If it drops there is no good reason not to take it.

Well thats it for today. Those are the items you can look forward to from Ulduar 10. They are really nice, and in serveral cases comparable to gear from Heroic Ulduar.

Until next time, Happy Healing.


9 thoughts on “Restoration Shaman – Ulduar 10 Gear”

  1. Great!!!! Though with the Lack of Haste Gear for a shaman such as my self makes me sad. By the time a Resto Shaman gets geared from 10/25 Naxx they should be hitting 2300 SP with only there Earthliving Weapon and Flametongue Totem (its about right might be a little off but not much) At that point Haste needs to become a Priority only superceded by MP5 (about 500 mps with Water Shield and Totem is good) Well enough of me gabbing. GREAT WORK!!!!

    (pardo the misspellings I am a horrid speller. . . )


  2. A lot of this list fails to mention these are HARD MODE drops, and most 10 man raiders wont be seeing hard modes for a while. The shield from Hodir, for example, is hardmode and is iLevel 232. Lol @ hardmode Hodir for pugs/casuals.

    It’s easier to get a 25-man up to General than do some hardmodes in a 10-man.

  3. @um? Hard mode hodir was labeled =D and yes while 25 man have a lot more options and may in some regards be easier, the goal of this list was simply to highlight what is available to the 10 man raiders in Ulduar. I’m not one to ignore a request when asked if it’s something I can do =D

  4. Thanks for the list Lodur!
    I’ve picked up the Energy Siphon trinket, which is awesome when I remember to hit the on use effect. As well I’ve gotten Firestrider Chestguard, but I don’t think i want to lose my 4 set bonus for it…?

  5. @boni the four piece bonus is good, but remember gear can be swapped for different situations. There may be points where you don’t find yourself chain healing so 4 piece wouldn’t benefit you as much.

  6. Sif’s Remembrance is thorim hardmode

    and personally I think if you’re going for the badge bracers then cloth > mail unless you want the stats.

    still great list, ty!

  7. An additional upgrade you might want to add in is Breastplate of the Stoneshaper (XT Hard), its an upgraded version of Firestrider. And Greaves of the Earthbinder are from Kologarn’s cache, not Thorim.


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