Selling instances, and GH3

Its 9 in the morning and I’m sitting at school and what do I see? Someone dressed as Borat walked right by me holding a mini flag. I think I need to get me some coffee.

Oh, there goes a power ranger.

I wonder if I’ll see any WoW themed characters today at school.

Anyway, on to today’s piece.

I think what we’re about to see is a trend towards selling instances to higher progressed Guilds. Carnage has begun such a practice.

Allow me to explain.

Carnage has cleared out 5/6 SSC and 3/4 TK. It’s only going to be a matter of time before we take down Vashj and Kael. Our last raiding day in the week is on Sunday. If we don’t get Vashj down, that still leaves a Monday free for other Guilds to come and take Vashj. There are a number of high end Guilds DOING Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple. Those two instances require attunement via killing Vashj and Kael. Since Carnage isn’t in position to kill them yet, we may as well allow other Guilds to take over the instance since they can’t be bothered to clear it out themselves. But as with every business deal, there is always conditions:

Holy crap, Optimus Prime just walked by.

  • The Guild must take one of our members in
    • Said members will be handpicked by Officers to fulfill a variety of roles (Healing, DPS, tanking, kiting, etc.)
  • Of the loot that drops, at least ONE piece must go to our players
    • That member will be docked DKP accordingly

Personally I think that’s a fair deal to make. This guarantees that our Guildies continue to get gear and learn the fight in a manner suited to their individual roles (while having to pay DKP accordingly). Likewise, the OP Guild that comes in can get any stragglers attuned without having to waste a raid night in SSC clearing out trash and bosses and focusing purely on the boss that matters: Vashj herself.

I’ve counted at least 15 witches so far. There goes a girl dressed as that lady matron from Adams Family.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

I walked into EB Games (Gamestop for the rest of you) with the intent of purchasing Guitar Hero 3. To my horror, I was informed they were sold out. Luckily, there was a Walmart but 60 ft away. Strolled in there empty handed, walked out with Guitar Hero. After yesterday night’s raid, I rushed out to my Wii and started jamming away. What an AWESOME GAME (“Schooooool’s out… for… summer”)!

Borat did another lap around the school. Good grief.

Any other Guitar Heroes out there? Help me out here! When’s the best time for me to use my Star Power?

After class, I’m going to go pick me up a copy of Hellgate: London. With Guitar Hero in one hand, and Hellgate in the other, my WoW Burnout countermeasures are in full force.

Hmm, a girl dressed as a cat. Cute. Sadly, no Night Elves yet. WILL I EVER SEE A NIGHT ELF IRL?!

5 thoughts on “Selling instances, and GH3”

  1. Star Power: Generally (at least in the other two GH’s that I own) it seems that if you’re hitting all the notes then as soon as you have full star power, use it. This will give you an 8 x multiplier and the most points possible. They’ve also timed it so that if you use it just after you nailed that last star note for full star power, you won’t miss any star notes while star power is active.

    The issue for me is: Guitar Heroes or Rock Band (which is from the group that started Guitar Heroes). I think my wife would kill me if I bought both.

  2. GH is just about the only game console game I play. I’m trying to decide if I wanna lay down the cash for the wireless PS3 controller or get the PS2 version and play it on the wired controllers I already have… Can’t wait to go buy it!

  3. Or if you’re playing on a level that’s too high for you – you might need to use star power to get yourself through the hard parts.

    If you’re going for points though, you want to do it when you have a high multiplier.


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