The One That Got Away

The other day I had the good fortune of talking with our friends over at Wow relief and our conversation got me thinking about something.
Some of us have been around for a long long time in this game. We’ve lived through PTRs and Betas and now two expansion with a third on the way. We’ve seen many things change and many things come and go, and things that were promised to us never come to be. I got to thinking what I would love to see added to the game for my class. The answer actually comes from the Wrath of The Lich King beta.

Back in Beta, restoration shaman had a rather interesting 51 point tallent to play around with. It was unique and new and fresh and odd and I loved it.

Spell_Shaman_SpiritLinkSpirit Link (Rank 1): You link the friendly target with two nearby targets, causing 50% of the damage taken to be distributed to the linked targets. After 2200 damage, the link will sever.

This little baby was awesome in my eyes. The concept behind it and the possible strategic uses of it, especially considering the health pools of both Druid tanks and Death Knights  intrigued me. It wasn’t your normal everyday spell. As a healer we’re used to playing healing triage as well as Cast X spell get Y result + / – a little. This you know the values but you can effectively use this to shift some raid damage around. Alas this was not meant to be and it was replaced by Riptide, which is a very good spell, but doesn’t lend itself to the same sort of mysterious awe that Spirit Link gave me. With cataclysm coming back I’d love to see this come back as a mastery spell or some such. It was a fantastic concept that I’m sad to say got left on the cutting room floor.

So, with that I turn it over to you our readers. Anything you want to see desperately added to the game? Why? Did you find something in a Beta or PTR that you wish would have made it to the live servers?

That’s all for today, until next time Happy Healing!


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  1. They had a Champion concept in TBC alpha for Priests. I don’t think it went any further then the spells in the database, but it looks really interesting.

    You could declare someone your champion and open up abilities for just that person. You could port to their side, increased Fort buff (I think), greater healing from you to them, and a couple other things.

    I can see why they didn’t do it, but I think the idea.

  2. From what I recall of open beta for vanilla WoW, discipline priests were a monk-archetype class with melee *and* healing abilities. I’m shoddy on details (played a mage, not a priest) but…damn that’d be cool.

  3. Oh man, I totally forgot about Spirit Link. That spell sounded so awesome, I can’t believe they killed it.

    I’d absolutely love to see Shaman get the ability to throw a totem so we could finally get ranged AoE.

    Oh, and let hunters ride their pets. Sure it wouldn’t work for ALL pets, but it shouldn’t be hard to work out for most.

  4. I posted this in guild chat as being part of the 3.2 patch and the response was overwhealming. So here is my one required addition that would greatly increase my enjoyment of the game.


    “After 100 players of ur faction have put you on ignore you will be become vunerable to attack by your own faction in capital cities for periods of 30 min at random intervals’

    Trade spammers and all those who deliberatly like being obnoxious BEWARE!

  5. I thought it was great to be a tanking shaman in my first early days of WoW. One of the reasons I left it till last in my fully leveling schema was the fact that my pretty shield became decorative mid-leveling. Of course, my shaman’s shield is still decorative, but I live with it because my paladin’s shield became useful ^.^
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  6. Taking Spirit Link away from Resto Shamans was a weird decision to say the least.

    Especially considering quite a few bosses these days depend on external cooldowns on the tank (even more so during progression). It all started with Sarth 3D (the non-void walker tactic), later on Mimiron and even Vezax greatly benefitted from external cooldown rotation.

    But I guess the mechanic didn’t really work out too well, maybe (and hopefully) it will return in a more polished (and useful) version in a later patch.

  7. Camo for hunters…like stealth but was taken away since that gave too many classes the ability. Would still like to see it though.

  8. As far as i know there is not a single ability in the game that empoweres you to inflict/direct damage to a friendly target. That’s the case for a reason.

    I guess they took Spirit Link away because it allows you to put a “debuff” on two targets. In 99% of the cases the two friendly targets might be ok with that but beware of the possible drama that may result from exploiting this ability…

  9. Hobart, it was removed for technical reasons. It wouldn’t ever break the way it was supposed to, it would continue to link or sometimes break right away. It just wasn’t working the same way all of the time. It was so much fun to play with when it was working right though. I loved that spell.

  10. Spirit Link was the number 1 reason I decided to level my Shaman in WLK, and then they took it out, but by then, I had already tossed him 5k Epic Flying and refused to consider that a wasted investment. As much as I love Riptide, I’d have loved Spirit Link for PvP…
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  11. “As far as i know there is not a single ability in the game that empoweres you to inflict/direct damage to a friendly target.”

    [cough] Misdirect [cough]


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