[VIDEO] A Preview of Cataclysm Raid Healing

Cataclysm raid healing (Watch in a larger resolution if possible)

No post for today but I figured there were a number of healers out there who really wanted to see what raid healing would be like in the expansion. Here’s a video which includes the first two bosses from Bastion of Twilight on 10 man. I narrated the entire video (and if you’re tired of my voice, by all means, feel free to mute the audio) explaining what was going on and what I was doing.

I also learned how to do slow motion action which I’ve put to great effect towards the end. Don’t miss out on Life Grip in action!

Twitter followers get to watch my videos first (along with those who can find the elusive World of Matticus facebook fan page). I usually use them as guinea pigs a litmus test to see whether or not I should publish a video here.

Lastly, the official guild announcement regarding the rated BG team. 

12 thoughts on “[VIDEO] A Preview of Cataclysm Raid Healing”

    • Dotheug: I confess, I didn’t get a chance to inspect everyone. Of the players I did inspect, it ranged from ungemmed, unenchanted heroic dungeon blues to fully gemmed, reforged and enchanted tier 11 gear.

  1. Nooooonoooooo, you must not promote the use of lifegrip in such ways, hehe! 😉

    Nice video. I absolutely love the more tactical aspects of healing in Cata and I sincerely hope mana manegement will be the big deal they are saying it is!

  2. This info is gold.

    If you have the opportunity, we’re struggling to find out if Atonement/Evangelism is a viable spec for raids in Cata (in contrast with Train of Thought/Strength of Soul). As you said in an older post, I can switch mi mind to either DPS or healer but not both at the same time. If you have more info about it it would be very welcomed.

    • Aspårria: Unfortunately, no. From my experience, Discipline isn’t quite “there” yet in terms of raid healing (not like AoE healing, I mean healing in raids). I can’t really explain why. Atonement/Evangelism itself will not be a viable spec, not after the nerfs where it came down to 1 target being healed.

      Now, you’ll probably want to use it just to get the healing buff going and to restore mana periodically anyway. But as a main form of healing? Not feeling it.

  3. Mat, just wondering if you’ve had a chance to see the new mechanic attached to prayer of healing for discipline? Apparently now you can proc Divine Aegis on all targets affected by prayer of healing.

    And since the Disc shield mastery contributes to all shields it would be interesting to see how it compares to raid damage mitigation.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Matt! I’m really looking forward to the new system of healing, it’s amazing that we won’t lose someone in the matter of seconds, like it was in WotLK.
    However, the previous comments are kinda worrying. I don’t want to abandon disco spec, but it seems atm we don’t really have a choice.
    Will you go back to disco if they give us more love?

  5. What Raidframes are used in this video? I have no idea, because i used Grid for too long and can’t find a actual list of addons, Matticus uses.
    Is it still VuhDo? It looks so different … if it is, maybe you could send me the configuration file in your WTF-Folder.

  6. Pro use of life grip there Matt, so was the travel time long enough for the GCD to pass or did you mend him after landing? little hard to tell from the video sorry. All of our guilds priest are looking for new ways to kill the other healers nice to see there are other creative uses for it 🙂 Should make for interesting videos in future raid. Too bad it wasn’t in wrath would have had made for some nice val’kyrs saves on lich king.


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