Weekly Digest: Blog Azeroth, Zul’Jin Dead, Gold Sellers on Blogs

What’s Happening in WoW

I have a very ambitious goal in 2008. I want my Paladin to eventually become a force to be reckoned with. Last night, she’s started taking the necessary steps to do it by going into Karazhan for the first time.

We’re making progress! It’s going slowly but surely. Carnage’s finest got Kael down to 57%. On Sunday, nearly 6 hours will be allocated to him in the hopes we can finally polish him off. We’ll see how that works out.

Oh and I killed Zul’Jin for the first time!

What’s Happening with the Blog

If you’re one of the few individuals who actually look at my Affiliates on the side, you’ll notice I’ve partnered up with Jinx! They’re a game clothing company. If you’re interested in showing off your Geekiness, head over and check out their offerings.

My Blogroll has continued to plague me for quite some time. One of the measures I’ve taken is displaying a list of random blogs. You can find them on the side beneath the polls. I’m experimenting with the idea of having a “surprise” web link where it will take you to another blog on my list completely at random.

Latest Blog Posts

Here are the posts from this week:

20 Questions by Matticus

This week I had a chance to sit down with Phaelia of Resto4Life.

Past Hits

Past columns I have written that still hold true to this day.

Trends in the WoW Blogosphere

Blog Azeroth is a new community which virtually sprouted over night. It’s an online forum where both veteran and new bloggers can go to share ideas and learn more from each other. If you’re a blogger or if you’ve ever thought about blogging, Blog Azeroth is a great place to start interacting with some of your favourite bloggers (like me =D).

Blog Spotlight

4 Haelz – If I had a copper everytime I ran into a Druid blog, I would never have to worry about repairs again. She offers a fresh pair of eyes from the shape shifting professions although she is primarily a Resto Druid.

Matt likes: Encouraging Bad Habits with Good Healing

Three Druid Noob – Okay, this is the last Druid blog (this week anyway). He’s an Australian blogger that has three (3) Druids with each one specced differently. He even has a few stories to share about his dualboxing (tri boxing now, I think). This begs the question of what’s worse: Having 3 druids or having 3 healers?

Matt likes: Adventures in Dual Boxing

Critical QQ – This sharp, Troll Fire Mage certainly has a feisty approach to blogging. Euripedes has been on my reading list and blogroll for quite some time and I never show any mages any love.

Matt likes: Confessions of a Magi

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