Finally: The Kael’Thas Death Story

Kael'Thas down

I was debating between that title or 40 Raids and 40 Wipes.

But he’s dead. What a thrill! =)

We started him at 4:00 and killed him about 40 minutes later. First attempt of the night! That gives us about 4 hours to play with Mount Hyjal. Whoo hoo! Expect a Priest primer on Kael in the coming days and how to assign healers to the various assignments.

Anyways, can’t blog much right now. We’re heading into Hyjal.

13 thoughts on “Finally: The Kael’Thas Death Story”

  1. Congrats to you and your guild, Matt! Hope your Hyjal foray went well… we only had 7 people still up for the last 20% of Rage on our first week, but we pulled it out ok. That death & decay is HUGE, though!

  2. GMW: We took down Rage on our first shot. I have no idea how we’re going to compensate for that kind of healing on that boss.

    Then we wiped on Najentus for a billion years :(.

  3. Managed to get him to 10% yesterday.. as it was 12h30 already we had to call it, but he’s sooo going doing next week.
    Can’t wait to go see MH, sick of TK already.


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