Which Raiding Aspect of 2.4 are you Looking Forward To? [NEW POLL]

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The PTRs are chugging along. Every day there are new builds and new changes that are matched by restored abilities (such as the warlock buff). Most of the heckling now revolves around class balancing and the like. The changes to the 25 man raids are aimed at helping every guild at any level to progress in the game as much as possible before the next expansion arrives.

What are you looking forward to in raids?

So, this is a really large patch! There’s no way I can squeeze every change onto my side poll. Therefore, I’m condensing it to raid related changes only.

Increase in gold drops from 25 man bosses

This is a huge boon for players like me who don’t have the time or the energy to farm on a regular basis. It will help offset repair bills somewhat. I was told 25 man bosses would drop 500g resulting in 25 per player. On the other hand, there’s a screenshot out there in existence with Brutalis dropping 250g (10 per player).

Additional set token drops from 25 man bosses

I wonder now if they’ll end up increasing the amount of loot that drops from non-set token dropping bosses to equalize the amount of loot they provide. The extra token drops will help in terms of progression, that’s for sure.

Removal of attunements in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple

There’s been a ton of reactions to the removal of attunements. I killed Kael several weeks ago and all I’m about to get is some lousy title. I can kind of understand where players are coming from about their wasted time and such. To be honest, I’m looking forward to this change the most. Why? Because then I won’t ever have to step back into SSC and TK to attune ONE more player EVERY week. A lot of blogs I’ve read haven’t even mentioned that. I guess they’re too focused on the individual to think of the whole. Just think about all that time that is now freed up without having to go back into the T5 areas.

New raid instance and challenges

The last real world event we had was Naxx, wasn’t it? Even then, I never really participated that much. It’s nice to have another world event to participate in again as well as a new raiding instance.

Shiny new purples

Don’t kid yourself. There’s a small loot whore in every single one of us. We all want the best gear in the game. There’s a ton of new badge loot, faction rewards, and raid drops.

Honourable Mention

Druid nerfs

I was going to list druid nerfs as a possible 6th option. Somehow, I don’t think that would go over very well with several of my esteemed blogging colleagues. I might wake up one morning and find one of my wings on my shoulders shredded or something. Who knows what druids do for pranks anyway?

If what you’re looking forward to isn’t listed on the poll, then by all means leave a comment stating what you can’t wait to see!

Which Raiding Aspect of 2.4 are you Looking Forward to the Most?

  • All those new shiny purples! (30%, 136 Votes)
  • Additional set tokens from 25 man bosses! (27%, 122 Votes)
  • New raid instance and challenge! (25%, 110 Votes)
  • Removal of attunements into Mount Hyjal and Black Temple! (11%, 49 Votes)
  • Increase in Gold drops from 25 man bosses! (7%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 446

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11 thoughts on “Which Raiding Aspect of 2.4 are you Looking Forward To? [NEW POLL]”

  1. While it doesn’t help as much in BT/MH, the tokens for priests in T4/T5 content are the most hoarded token there is. Druids, Warriors, and Priests on one token, seriously. Was anyone actually thinking before this went through?

    But yeah, more chances for tier loot, not so much for me, but for healers and tanks (and other DPS, which will give me a better chance at the off-set stuff…) is great for me.

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  3. The couple of weeks after our initial Kael kill we still had to do SSC/TK to get about 15 or so other people attuned but after you’ve got your roster set there comes a point where its a waste of your time to go back. While we were getting new people attuned pretty much all the drops in SSC/TK were sharded on account of no one needing the item or people just hoaring dkp. That’s probably why a lot of blogs are unconcerned about the whole.

  4. As a Shadow Priest in a progression Guild who currently give main Healers and Tanks priority on Tier drops I honestly can’t wait for the extra token. We’ve downed VR 6 times now and only one Defender token, so with at least 3 people ahead of me in the queue for the shoulders I should be able to collect mine a lot sooner than I was hoping.

    Also the badge loot is really cool. I know some of the T6 people are complaining about how easy it is to get this new badge gear but to be honest in a few months time when WotK comes out the gear will be upgraded anyway. Plus it’s a good way to collect some healing gear for when I decide to heal, only need to save another 500 badges.

  5. Looking forward to Sunwell most of all.

    But, the changes to regen could be counted as a pve change, and I’m pretty excited about that too 🙂

  6. The extra Tier token will be very nice! I’ve only got my T5 legs. While I probably won’t replace my FSW, I’d relly like to get the T5 Head to replace my Spellstrike. I haven’t really looked into it, but I hear good things about the new badge gear. It’s suposed to be T6 equivalent, but will cost upwards of 75 Badges (Some as much as 150). To offset the cost, 25 man bosses will start dropping Badges too.

    I’m getting rather rambly for a comment… I feel a post comming on… Stay tuned!

  7. I haven’t done the attunement for BT yet, and frankly I’m pissed that it’s being removed.

    I came to WoW about a year ago. No one does AQ20/40, MC, BWL, Strat etc and if they do it’s not at the appropriate level. I eight manned Ony for goodness sake. That’s content I’ll likely not see and if I do it won’t be in the way it was intended.

    One of my friends brought his 60 mage out of retirement yesterday, he’d done all the above on that mage and after thirty minutes in OL headed to that AH to replace his `epics’ with some OL greens and blue BoE. I wish Blizz had found a way of introducing new content and still maintaining reasons to go do the old world stuff.


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