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Imagine an oversized owl with a golden exclamation mark over her head.

Her clawed feet are a’tappin’. Her head’s swaying round, beak held high. She clearly expects people to stop and listen to her woes. People regularly socialize with oversized owls, after all. Especially any that look like they’re damsels in distress. Maybe not damsels, but distress.

Yep. that thar owl be giving you a quest.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me what you’d like me to write about on World of Matticus early next week. I’ve decided to put my own bonnet with a beehive inside it aside, to ask you guys if there’s anything you’re curious about, want answers to, or generally want to challenge me to make a fool of myself. No catches and few rules. To whit, the rules are:

  • You can submit one idea for an article by posting in the comments of this thread
  • You can suggest any genre of idea but as World of Matticus is focused on healing and leading, I’d suggest going for something heal/lead related
  • You can decide what sort of post it is – whether it’s something you want my opinion on, something you want me to fact-check and answer, or something you want to know how to do. whatever it is, I’ll do my best to answer the winning idea
  • You have until midnight PST on Friday 16th July to post a comment.

On Saturday I’ll do an in game /roll of however many comments this post gets. The number I get in the roll will be the winning comment, and therefore article idea.

For example, if I get 8 replies with a suggestion each, I’ll /roll 1-8. If the roll result is 5, I’ll write an article based on commenter #5’s suggestion. And just to put the icing on the quest I’ll update this post with a screenshot of the roll, so you guys know I’m not pulling some funky owl magic.

So. Let the ideas and challenges begin! What do you want me to write this week? Post before Friday, as this article will self destruct… all right, not really. But the owl will stop peering questioningly at you, then.

By the way… keep this under your hat, hush hush and all… but I’ll also be putting up another brief post later today with some small but happy MMO related news. Keep checking!

Saturday Edit:

So it’s Saturday and the results are in. I took a roll of 1-12 as we got 12 replies (if the result had been a post that was a chat comment rather than an idea submission i’d just have re-rolled). So, without further ado, this is the result:

Image (c) Blizzard Entertainment

Ignore the “X is already being ignored” lines – that’s just what I get when I login. The important bit’s the roll; comment #9 won. So next week, on Jooles’ suggestion, I’ll be writing a WoM article based round this:

The future of healing assignments. Have they gone the way of crowd control due to smart heals and class pigeon-holing? Is it Paladins heal tanks, Shammy’s heal melee, Priests + Druids heal raid forever or is this going to change in Cataclysm? Which way are Disc priests going to go?

See you then!

17 thoughts on “What Do You Want?”

  1. I would love to see an article about boss encounter designs. A review of Wrath bosses and which were the most original/fun in your opinion and which bosses lacked originality/fun and what improvements you would like to see in cataclysm to this.

  2. If you read the greedy goblin blog by gevlon, maybe you know how he is trying to come up with this “magical” skill that makes successful people…successful while failures are doomed to fail unless they learn this one magical skill. Today he said that he thought the magical skill was being asocial. Basically, with PEERS he says you should be asocial. You can be social with people you like, or even anti-social with people you dislike, but when it comes to your PEERS ( people you work with, don’t really care about, just have to work with etc. ) you need to be asocial. I hate to write a whole article summarizing up gevlon and his feelings but I was curious as to how you feel about his idea.

    For the record, I have to disagree with him. 🙂 haha

    Link to his “magical skill” post. And I believe this was part 5 so far of this series of a “magical skill” so there is a lot of background he has tried to write, and I know for sure he has at least 1 more post on the way trying to prove his point. Anyways, love you matticus, great writer. Unfortunately I’m not so I live vicariously through you, haha. 🙂

  3. I’m curious to hear opinions about how the single lockout for Cata raids will change our mains vs alts. I am pondering that as I am trying to figure out which one, or which two characters I level to 85 first. I am thinking that the single lockout will make a lot of people have 2 mains.

  4. Oooh, good idea so far. Sound fun to write too – wonder which way the roll RNG is going to go.

    Keep the ideas coming folks! Friday night’s a while away so there’s time to think about your requests but time flies…

  5. I would like to read an article about a new WoW class. This class would personify what your idea of the perfect healing class should be. Not an OP class, but the most fun and interesting to play. Using exsisting spells/talents would be fine as would somethings new. I would like the focus to be on play style and utility rather than balance.

  6. Not to be picky (alright, I am I guess) but you say ‘question mark over her head’ (?) when you mean ‘exclamation mark’ (!).

  7. The future of healing assignments. Have they gone the way of crowd control due to smart heals and class pigeon-holing? Is it Paladins heal tanks, Shammy’s heal melee, Priests + Druids heal raid forever or is this going to change in Cataclysm? Which way are Disc priests going to go?

  8. Given all the class changes in Cataclysm I ‘d like to see a guide to choosing which Healer to play.

    (eg. If you like the idea of DPSing to buff your healing then play Paladin/Shaman/Disc Priest. Or if you like Healing buffing your DPS then play Druid/Holy Priest)

  9. @Allsi – ‘fraid not, at least this time. I believe I said in the post over at the Pot that while you could post a suggestion in the comments to that post, it wouldn’t count unless you also posted it here.

    Having suggestions count only if they were in the comments here rather than at the Pot (or submitted via the contact the WoM team form for example) was the easiest way to keep all the suggestions in one place for everyone to keep track of 🙂


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