Introducing A New Site For Your Reading Pleasure…

Melting Pot

I mentioned yesterday that I’d be posting some happy MMO news. I said it’s all hush hush – you know – toodle pip wot-wot, under your hat old chap. …Yep,I know you’re all looking at me a bit oddly now. Anyway, the news has been a tightly kept secret all right – until now.

A few months ago I put out a call asking you folks to lend me your brains. Thanks to everyone who responded! Since then I’ve been beavering away on designing a website. Originally it was going to be a purely WoW based blog doin’ things my way; then the idea grew. It grew to include a wide range of MMOs, and have a community side too.

A couple of weeks ago it split into two projects and the primary site morphed into something different again. Doh. Flexibility for the win.

The Melting Pot is a manual aggregation site for MMO blogs. We actively look for interesting, witty or intelligent opinion-based articles from around the blogosphere – currently from mostly WoW blogs. We then link what we find to let you guys know they’re there. We also give some thoughts of our own to get the discussion started, ‘cos hey – we’re bloggers too, and find these discussions genuinely interesting.

Now, it’s still a lil’ site and adapting daily but it’s ready for general perusal. So without further ado as its Editor in Chief I’d like to invite you to have a gander at MMO Melting Pot.

Feel free to add its feeds to your RSS filters – we’ll be posting daily, from a ever wider selection of sites and games. Prod the shiny comments system with your own opinions – it won’t eat your children. Tip us off about interesting articles you’ve stumbled upon – we’re open to suggestions. And, when you least expect it, community bits n’ bobs might shuffle onto the menu bar too.

So. Drop in, say hi, grab a cup of coffee from the Pot – you might not know what’s in it, but it’s good stuff, mon.

11 thoughts on “Introducing A New Site For Your Reading Pleasure…”

  1. Righteo, I just announced this in several places and well – the server’s crashed. That’s quite an achievement!

    Anyhow. We’re on to fixing it at the moment, so in the meantime please keep retweeting and checking back. Cheers guys, and /moo!

  2. I’m all for the new webby, it looks great and it’s linked to me without me even knowing it already <3 So it's all gooood 😀 Plus the stuff on there looks like it has some great potential to me, I hope they keep it up ^_^

  3. Unfortunately I will not be reading this site as the RSS feeds are truncated. I have a strict policy of not reading sites that do this.

  4. @mrkz – The RSS feed is actually set up to show full posts but for some reason isn’t;. I posted a maintenance post on the Melting Pot yesterday outlining some site changes and the RSS feed bug is top of the list for a fix. We’re working on it right now.


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