7 thoughts on “WoW Insider: 3 Priest Specs no Raid Should Leave Shattrath Without”

  1. I’m still disappointed in how they decided to nerf power infusion because of other classes were overpowered with a certain combo. *cough elemental shamans*

    I personally loved the hybrid imp divine spirit build untill i tried circle of healing. I’m probably never going back unless my head asplodes and i spec discipline for pvp.

    I wish you the best of luck matt brb.

  2. You sure got ’em riled up over there Matt 🙂 It’s nice to see some priest discussion going on though, it’s been missing for awhile.

  3. Just jumped over from WoWInsider. Thanks for the engaging article, Matticus! One of the things that I like most about WoWInsider is that while many of the articles aren’t exactly well-written (yours excluded, of course!) or that they sometimes present information that I don’t agree with, they do prompt response from the community and I love the sharing of ideas. Some of the best discussions I’ve had about the game occured on a WoWInsider threaded comment.

    I’ve stumbled across your site in the past, but this is the first time I’ve taken the time to mosey about and say hi! Thanks again.


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