Wrath Priest Tailoring Set

Is there going to be a Primal Mooncloth equivalent in the expansion?

In a word, yes there will be. The next layer of cloth is called Moonshroud. Here’s the two tailoring items we can make from them in order to bootstrap ourselves into Naxx:

Moonshroud Gloves
Moonshroud Robe

Gloves requirements:

4 Moonshroud
4 Bolt of Imbued Frostweave
1 Eternium Thread
1 Frozen Orb (Primal Nether equivalent)

Robe requirements:

8 Moonshroud
6 Bolt of Imbued Frostweave
1 Eternium Thread
1 Frozen Orb

A Bolt of Imbued Frostweave takes 3 Bolt of Frostweave. A Bolt of Frostweave takes 5 Frostweave Cloth

A Bolt of Imbued Frostweave takes 15 Frostweave. The Robe takes 90 Frostweave and the Gloves take 60.

I think.

Assuming I carried the 1 right.

You can learn these from the Grand Master Tailoring Trainers in Dalaran or Howling Fjord.

There’s some great discussion going on right now in Plusheal about Priest professions. Others are discussing the future of Priestly trades. Why not jump in and join them?

9 thoughts on “Wrath Priest Tailoring Set”

  1. That is a whole bunch of spirit. Oh man.

    Also, I like how they mo ved back to the 5 per bolt idea for cloth. It was nice in Vanilla WoW to be able to calculate how many stacks of cloth you needed quickly. i.e 20 bolts = 5 stacks. The Netherweave taking 6 cloth just messed me way up when I had to farm mass amounts of it.

    Trollins last blog post..A Winrar is RTZS

  2. Did you notice Matt? Those awesome items are BOE!!!!!!!


    I do enchant/alchy, so that makes me happy. I hope the leather equivalents are the same way.

  3. I did a search on Wowhead for Tailoring BoP items added in WotLK and got … none. They’re all BoE.

    I’m not sure if a flying carpet is enough to keep me from dropping Tailoring and switching to Inscriptions… Well, you can be sure I’ll be dropping tailoring from at least one of my two alts that also have it. Yes, I levelled tailoring to 375 on 3 toons. ><


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