Your Guild’s Dual Spec Policy: What Will it Be?

Two Seagulls

So what’s the question on everyone’s mind?

Will you, as a player, need two sets of specs as enforced by your raid leader?

For most players, one spec should suffice. You were brought into your current guild and asked to perform in a role. That has not changed. What has changed is the ease in which you can switch from one role to another. You can go from raiding to soloing. You can switch between PvE work to PvP relaxation.

All this stuff can be still be done right now.

It’s just pretty darned expensive between re-gemming, re-enchanting, and re-glyphing.

Your guild policy

I suspect it will be similar to mine. After reading about it and thinking about it, I decided the best course of action was to allow players to select whatever secondary spec they like.

Their primary spec is going to be used for raiding. Of that, I have no doubt. If they didn’t want to raid, they’d just let me know and hibernate for a while. The players that are still around do want to raid and there’s no way they’d jeopardize that.

I’m not doing your job for you

I’ve always told my players to select whatever talent points they needed to excel in the role they are asked to do. I don’t have the time or the interest to research every class and spec in the game and tell them what to get. That responsibility is there for them. I can provide them with resources or point them in places to look, but beyond that I am hopeless.

Now don’t get confused between asking a player to switch roles and to pick out talent points. Asking a Panzerdin to switch from tanking to a healing job is going to require him to completely switch out some specs. What I will not do is tell them how to spend each point individually. This is based on the assumption that they want to and are capable of doing it.

Some misconstrued people on Twitter get into a knot when they assume I expect and enforce people to spec a certain way. That’s not true. I expect them to pick a spec that allows them to contribute as much as they can to the raid in a manner comfortable with them. While I understand guilds that enforce specs I’ve never been one to do that unless I desperately felt that it was an ability that is absolutely essential to successfully complete an encounter. And even then, I’d ask first if they were comfortable with the idea.

What if I’m a bonafide raid healer forever? I know if I were a raiding Holy Paladin, I’d select the standard PvE Holy loadout for one spec. But my second? I’d grab the one that stretches down the Protection tree deep enough to grab Divine Guardian. 12 seconds where the raid takes 30% less damage is a make or break ability that can give healers the time to weather the incoming storm. I do this with the knowledge that it offers my guild a second option in the event that it’s needed. Not like I was using it for anything else anyway.

Again, this is assuming I don’t PvP or dabble in other roles.

The other guy we all love to hate

Most guilds have that one annoying player that everyone hates.

You know who I’m talking about. He’s the guy that knows more about your class then you do. He can play it way better than you. He has the raid achievements and the epics to prove it.

But what if you had 24 other players who knew just about as much as everyone else? Constantly asking questions, pointing out strengths, identifying weaknesses and just making people think rationally about what they’re doing is a shift in environment that a lot of players would be unfamiliar with.

With dual specs, guildss can start expecting DPS and healers to start talking to each other more. I can see different players asking each other how they specced a certain way. Maybe they’re asking for advice on what points to take for a second spec after deciding on a role. I know I don’t have the faintest clue on what to glyph, enchant, or augment if I were to grab shadow.

My Shadow Priests ask me once in a while what my thought process was between this talent point and that talent point (like Serendipity vs Test of Faith).

What about off spec loot?

And the question that every raid leader hates to answer but has to for the sake of their guild is how should off spec loot be handled? This is something that’s still under discussion. It’s always good to hear everyone’s perspective.

But in the end, it’s up to the GM to decide on one. You can’t please everybody. And the GM has to pick a policy that follows in line with the rest of their organization.

Now the Bank of Matticus is a large corporation that requires resources to continue functioning. It helps  sponsors enchanting materials for the guild. In the future, a path is being explored where it can be used to help sponsor guild repairs.

It needs a way of generating income.

Some pointers

  • Main spec (role) will get a clear priority
  • Assuming no main spec raiders need an item, players that would like to use it for offspec can obtain it
  • Players that would like more than 1 item for offspec will be asked to compensate the guild accordingly. This could be in gold (like 100g), an Abyss Crystal, a stack of Infinite Dust, or half a stack of Greater Cosmic Essences.
  • This cap resets after one week. So a player can get a free off spec item once per week (on top of any main spec items needed)

This addition is still under debate. But I expect to have a decision rendered before this week’s raid.

The aim of this is to discourage players from attempting to assemble 4 or 5 sets worth of gear. I’m sorry, but no one needs that amount of equipment. It’s absolutely wasteful. Want a healing and Moonkin set? Absolutely, that’s no problem. Grab a few items here and there during the weeks where no players need it. Donate a couple of hundred gold and an abyss into the bank. Augment your gear with stuff from heroics or normal level raids.

You don’t need a tanking set, a cat DPS set, a moonkin set, a PvP moonkin set, a Resto set, a dreamstate set, and so forth. That’s absolutely greedy and unnecessary.

40 thoughts on “Your Guild’s Dual Spec Policy: What Will it Be?”

  1. Good post. Obviously this will vary for every guild.

    I’m not in love with pvp…so when dual specs come out I will be speccing my priest pve holy/pve disc. I expect the gear I need won’t vary TOO greatly anyways.

    But when I get my druid to 80 if she raids she will and has always been a boomkin. That will be her primary spec. I will be using my dual spec for resto, just in case the guild needs me in that role on that toon one night. And as is the case, I think my GM is going to let off-spec healing gear go to that character a bit more easily. I certainly won’t be going crazy trying to get her resto gear though. 😛

  2. Our guild is going on a policy that if you’ve been brought in to fill a certain role (ie, healer, tank, whatevs) you better be specced for that when raid time comes around. Dual Specs will allow for flexibility, which is good on the nights that 8 tanks log on, but don’t assume that just because you want to dps tonight, you’re going to get to do so. As for off spec items, we have a dkp system with a mod that allows us to bid silently. There’s a general rule though that you can’t bid more than 10 dkp on an off spec item, so if you get one it means there really wasn’t anyone who could really use it (considering we get 10 dkp per boss kill it’s not that much to ask).

    Holy Duegs last blog post..I got Spirit, Yes I do

  3. At the moment our guild uses this kind of rules for offspec gear:
    *) basic 0-sum DKP with DKP crunch
    *) everyone has one mainspec
    *) fixed prices on items
    *) items taken for mainspec cost around 3x more than for offspec

    Mainspec always has priority, the one with highest DKP obviously wins
    If nobody wants for mainspec anyone who wants for offspec can buy it for dkp. It’s not the greatest system but at least that way less stuff gets DE’d. I’m not yet sure how will dualspecs change things. It might be that an additional “layer” gets added for offspec people but that will just make it harder for people with pvp-spec to get offset gear for pve.

    “You don’t need a tanking set, a cat DPS set, a moonkin set, a PvP moonkin set, a Resto set, a dreamstate set, and so forth. That’s absolutely greedy and unnecessary. ”

    I agree, though the druids in our guild have at least 4-piece T7 for every spec now. All that seems to drop is vaquisher :

    “when dual specs come out I will be speccing my priest pve holy/pve disc. I expect the gear I need won’t vary TOO greatly anyways.”

    I think the biggest difference is that holy values spirit/mp5 much higher than disc. As mainspec-shadow I can respec to disc and replace my +hit gear and heal excellently pretty much any raid without even regemming/enchanting as just as shadow, disc values spellpower and crit (way) above other stats.

  4. There are several members of my guild is working on offset #3 (druid loot always drops) while there are few people that are actively working on their main set due (me!) to the drops that fickle Blizzard decides to give. Adding in a dual spec, for my guild, will only add the time to drop a lexicon of power before each boss fight.

    For myself, I’ll be switching between a raiding and a pvp spec, even though I have almost a complete retribution set in the bank.

  5. The guild I’m in, while not as advanced/committed as yours, isn’t going to be making any sanction / guidance on what to do with the second spec when it becomes available.

    I think this is the best approach – I’m not even sure how good of a healer a DPS-minded player would make? Certainly with tanking, I have found in the past that trying to switch regularly between that and another character, I took a while to get back up to speed. Maybe thats just me.

    One other thing, I’ve noticed your language changing quite a lot since you started your guild up. You talk about guild members as ‘My Players’ and phrase things suggesting you are being lenient for ‘Allowing’ guild member to 2nd spec as they like, suggesting some notion of ownership.

    This isn’t meant as criticism (sounds like the guild is successful so far), but it is interesting to see the trend how your language is changing, perhaps reflecting the way you see yourself? Had you noticed this?

    • Grey: Absolutely it has. I’ve started taking more responsibility and I know it implies ownership. I’m here to lead these guys and we’re all on the same side. Plus it also saves me time. I could say “the players in the guild that I’m leading” or I could write “my team” or “our players”. I’m trying to be as clear as possible without writing long winded posts. There’s only so much political correctness I’m willing to put in here because I still want to get the point as quickly as possible.

      Do I own them? Of course not. They’re free to go at any time. But as long as they’re in the guild, I have to take responsibility for the direction the guild’s going. And one of the frequent questions I often get is “What do you want me to do with dual specs?”. If a player doesn’t like something, they come see me. If I can’t accomodate their request and its enough to warrant leaving the guild, I wish them the best of luck.

  6. I’m really anxious to see people have a bit more flexibility in how they want to play.

    My only concern is that people who enjoy their current roles end up in a less favorable one to fill a gap. If that gap never gets filled, the line starts to blur between main spec and off spec.

    It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out; doing what you enjoy vs. doing what’s needed (which may or may not be the same thing). Either way, it’s up to the player to decide in the end.

    Also, as you mentioned, for those who do experiment and try other roles it’ll give them a much better understanding of what group members are doing and potentially help them work together a bit better.

    ACs last blog post..Coordinating Cooldowns for Divine Plea 2.0

  7. Like with anything that deals with loot this will bring its share of rules and arguments.

    As for the multiple specs, as the lone bear druid I also carry around a cat set for DPS, however I intend to make my dual spec resto so aside from a pvp set I am actively gathering 3 sets. I don’t think that it’s too much that I collect 3 sets because at different times I’ll perform different roles to help us succeed. With Dual speccing however I would agree that only 2 is really usable as you should be able to jump between the two at a whim making the third+ dusty.

    Kreeonis last blog post..Dual Spec’s and Guild Policies

  8. You guys are right…I’ve been reading this blog since I was a level 60-something priest looking for pre-Kara gear suggestions way before WotLK came out, and Matt’s blogging style and language has changed DRAMATICALLY in that time.

    Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing…but interesting to see.

  9. I don’t see why your offspec policy should change from what it is now. It is currently possible to run 2 sets of specs, but you just have to pay a lot of money to do it regularly. I’m assuming your guild has an offspec loot policy in place, and I’m assuming that it currently works. Why do you feel the need to change it? People that want to regularly change specs and switch out gear appropriately are already doing so, and I don’t foresee many players starting the practice just because dual specs become available. I say don’t add anything to your ruleset unless offspec items weren’t already covered.

    • Revaan: The off spec policy didn’t change until some players started taking advantage of it more and the guild bank started to run low on enchanting materials (abyss crystals). That’s why this is something still being mulled over.

  10. I’m in a very small guild. Safe to say we will work out dual specs pretty easily. Our druid will go feral/boom. Our elemental shammy will pick up resto, our Holy Pally will grab some prot. ect ect.

    Loot distribution will also be pretty easy. We are pretty good at figuring out who needs something the most or where an item will provide the most benefit.

    These are some of the advantages of a very small guild of good friends. And in my opinion offset the lack of steady raiding we would have in a larger more dedicated guild.

    Omenscourges last blog post..Which Two-Hander is Best

  11. Aye if you are asked to bring your off spec because of a gap you should be given the choice of what they want to roll for as main spec

  12. @Allindra: You know you’re famous when more comments are made about your choice of language then the actual post itself :(.

    Come on, I know some of you have a problem with it. If it wasn’t, I know none of you would have brought it up. I can see its disturbing some of you in some way. But that’s the evolution of me, I suppose.

  13. I agree with some of the commenters that tone is important. However, I’d say Matt is the same old Matt. Maybe he’s got a bit more confidence, but is that a bad thing?

    However, the difference in Matt’s “tone” could be due to the fact that multiple bloggers work on the site now. A lot of people don’t notice when the post author is not actually Matticus!

  14. As I was saying on Twitter. The only real change I’ve noticed in your language is a tendency towards feeling more responsible for your guild. when you were in whatever your old guild was, your language was one of “we did this” like most bloggers. now that you’re a GM, when you say “my guild,” there’s a sense of responsibility and, dare I say it, care. not ownership.

    It’s sort of a hard-to-define sense in tone but it’s a change, but I wouldn’t say “ownership” is the right word. You don’t say “my players” like they’re your phat lewt slaves or anything

    You just put a lot of you into whatever you do, and so I think saying “my guild” is perfectly appropriate because you HAVE put a lot of time into it, you HAVE put a lot of work into it, and you’ve left a certain indelible Matt-ness on its runnings and its definition, right down to its goals.

    If you put into your guild what you did and couldn’t call it “my guild,” I’d wonder what was wrong with you. Or your readers. 😛

    Stops last blog post..Love just isn’t in the air

  15. Matt,

    If you created your guild and are the “CEO” then it is, in fact, your guild. You have provided the name tag for people to come together for a specific purpose. People choose to follow your rules and policies that are set forth and if they chose not to then they become not a part of your organization.

    There is no reason not to call it your guild as it was your idea to start the whole thing up in the first place and people are following you as a leader. Blizzard calls it Guild Master, but if we started claiming we are everyone’s master then people will get upset.

    Using the term “my guild” speaks to the fact that the idea that is is yours and you have claim to it. It does say that you have claim to the people who choose to volunteer under this idea.

    Kreeonis last blog post..Dual Spec’s and Guild Policies

  16. On the subject of dual specs…we’re still not resolving this, and I think it’s going to cause a fair amount of stress. It did for me personally in TBC as a feral druid, and I don’t honestly see a way to cleanly resolve it.

    Our system currently and before is that we use a suicide kings DKP system for main spec. If it doesn’t go to main, it goes to an offspec roll where anyone can roll on the item.

    In TBC I was a feral but I was a tank as my main. That meant I could roll on the very few drops that came around occasionally for tanking (I was first on getting all my tier tokens) but could not roll on DPS gear. Furthermore, it meant that if I was getting DPS gear, it was offspec – and everyone else that wanted it for offspec had an equal chance. The problem was that I was running BT and Sunwell – and in the majority of the fights I wasn’t tanking. If I was along, chances are I’d be doing DPS because if I didn’t, it’d mean a warrior or paladin DPSed – and they sucked by comparison.

    So I had to spent a lot of badges, time, and effort getting my offspec set up to par and hope occasionally that all the rogues, enhancement shamen and warriors got all the gear they wanted to so I’d get a scrap or two.

    It was incredibly frustrating, and I eventually blew it and pointed out how unfair it was – and eventually it got changed so that I could spend DKP on DPS upgrades. But that’s not that satisfying either; it means I might skip on a big tanking upgrade and it also means that I won’t be using it 100% of the time.

    We’ve since modified it so that you have a main spec, but offspec that the raid actually uses gets prio on passed over gear. We have a few people that this applies to – a fury warrior and ret paladin who both occasionally tank, and myself who occasionally DPSes. This works…okay, but mostly because the ratio of main spec time to offspec time is fairly high. If it were mixed, it would be really hard, and I’ve still not come up with a reasonable alternative.

    Kals last blog post..[Druid] Armor as sacred cow?

  17. Good post Matt,

    I agree that the 2nd spec should not impact a guilds raiding for the worse at all. If anything it should allow the guild to fill in role gaps with players they already know are good at multiple roles.

    As far as off-set loot rules. My guild has always been fond of making sure it goes to a player more than getting DE’d. If your guild funds ALL high end raider enchants I can understand wanting to fund your guild bank, but if I am a player and I work hard at raiding and I have to pay or compensate the guild for something that is going to get sharded if I dont want to compensate gold/items for my offset (that maybe needed one night to help fill out a raid).. ouch man… ouch.

    Then again our guild bank has more of a “no deposit, no return” sort of policy. (armory tool makes it very transparent) If you never donate to it don’t expect to get more than 1 or two things out of it. Doesnt work for every guild. but our officers are some of the most fair I have had the pleasure of playing iwth so works great for us.
    80 Resto Druid – Garona Horde

  18. In BC, we ran Zero-Sum DKP but offspec gear was sold at a quarter of the original cost and you could only roll on it if a main spec player didn’t want it.

    When they announced that Dual Specs would be incoming, we decided to change our guild policy. Off-spec gear had to be a role you actively used. While my druid maintains feral gear just to help out with heroics, etc, I never run Kitty DPS or Fuzzy Tank in raids, but I’m sometimes asked to respec to Balance to provide some ranged DPS. As such, feral gear gets sharded but I’m allowed to roll on the Boomkin offspec gear. It’s worked out fairly well. For one it’s made it a bit more cost prohibitive to maintain too many sets of gear. There is a definite decision involved to see your DKP drop if it’s an item for a gear set that you might not use too often.

    Scotts last blog post..Leadership from the Rear: A Day in the Life

  19. “You don’t need a tanking set, a cat DPS set, a moonkin set, a PvP moonkin set, a Resto set, a dreamstate set, and so forth. That’s absolutely greedy and unnecessary. ”

    My only reply here is to ask:

    What’s more useful to the guild – An Abyss Crystal or a character with alternate capabilities?

    Yes, I agree you don’t *need* to have all those sets, but through BT with 0 cost offspec items, I managed to have a Resto set, a Moonkin set, and a Feral Tank set, which meant that on nights that I was required, I could respec to Feral and assist as the third tank, or DPS providing an extra 5% crit as required. Dual-specs will encourage you to want to gear up a second priority set so that people can utilise the secondary spec in raids. Its for the raid’s benefit as much as for the players, when your raid roster isn’t 35+ with a good spread of roles covered.

    • Perrin: There is a difference between 1 or 2 possible alternate roles. But more than 3 is a bit much. The Abyss Crystal represents a way where the guild can help the player further augment their gear especially with the high prices of enchanting materials nowadays. A character with alternate capabilities is good, even encouraged. Having that many roles becomes ridiculous and unfair to other players. I can see it from two perspectives:

      An asset wherein a player can adequately switch to whatever is needed.
      A cost wherein a player requires a large amount of items to PERFORM whatever is needed.

      A balance must be met. I cut a deal with the players in my guild. If you’d like your stuff enchanted, you can supply me with your own materials and I’ll do it for you. If you can’t afford them, come to me. The guild bank sells at 75% off the AH retail price. An Abyss crystal becomes 25G. An Infinite dust becomes 1. A cosmic becomes around 6. In exchange for players realistically knowing what they want and what they don’t need, they get the ability to augment their gear easily. The primary reason I want to institute this is because the bank is running low. And I’m asking players to evaluate what their needs are.

  20. A guild telling you what off-spec you allowed to play, is a great indication of the type of guild you are happy to play in. No way in a frosty hell my guild is going to dictate what I play. Thus I choose a guild that would not do that.

    Dual spec are meant to be an enabler, not a way to make people play what they don’t want to.

    Also a shame that something as potentially wonderful as dual spec will create more loot angst. We do a loot council when a place is not on farm, then switch to open rolls when its on farm. When rolling its: Main spec, main even if you’re currently in an off spec, off spec, anyone rolls, then DE. Nice BoEs are main spec’ed, then usually open rolled to everyone.

    This means that you can get gear for your main role, you can get gear when you’re switched to another role for the benefit of the raid, and you can also get gear for almost any reason, allowing that somebody else does not want it.

    typhoonandrews last blog post..What was the Ice Stone ?

  21. IMHO, it’s still too early to be setting rules for loot. We don’t even know how Ulduar is going to change the way we raid. Hopefully it really shakes it up, cause I’m getting bored.

    We might see boss fights with varying roles required. You might see a boss fight that requires 5 tanks and 10 healers in a battle for survival or you might see a boss that requires 1 tank and 2 ~ 3 healers in a DPS race. In that case, you might have to hand out gear that will bring the overall raid DPS up instead of upgrades for your main spec raiders. If there is a drop that increases your mage’s DPS by 5 but it increases your holy priest who switches to shadow for this specific DPS race encounter by 100 then isn’t it smarter to give it to the temporary shadow priest?

    I predict 3.1 to be the Loot Drama patch. Hands down.

    Can’t wait for ptr!

  22. Matt: Fair enough, I agree too many sets is unnecessary, but I’d suggest if you’re using a monetary cost, then you’d want to match it to the same cost as a 100% value AH Abyss Crystal, so that the net cost to the guild is nil, yet you’re not punishing players who don’t have access to enchanting materials. Based on the 25G being 75%, that’s more like 33G than 100G. I was more objecting to the fact that picking up one piece of off-set gear after the first basically negates any profit you’d make from a night in Naxx (after repairs are removed).

    Plus, my guild’s bank is plenty full on Abyss Crystals already since even the hybrids have most of their offset pieces (excluding T7), which is why there isn’t a cost attached to the offspec gear for us.

  23. *sigh*

    I need to move to a high population server. Abyss Crystals on my server are still going for about 80g a piece. If only I could put up with the queue times.

  24. I suspect your guild is different than mine, Matt, because we’re swimming in abyss crystals from various 10-man runs and usually have a ton from 25-mans. I would rather give gear to anyone that might use it over sharding it; there’s just too many abyss crystals already. And this is only going to get worse. We’re at the point where Naxx runs are basically KT runs or gearing up recruits, and people only get gear from KT or Maly. That’s about 40 abyss crystals a run – and that’s just 25-man.

    That’s going to fuel a lot of re-enchanting come Ulduar.

    Kals last blog post..[Druid] Armor as sacred cow?

  25. I suspect ours will be to continue to ignore it. You have your declared main spec which you pay dkp for. Anything you want for offspec is available if main specs dont want it but preference is given to those who havent rolled for offpspec that run. Abyss crystals are given out on a first served basis for main spec enchants but your generally expected to supply your own if gbank is empty. Note 10 mans are self organised not guild run and crystals are handed out between those who attend.

  26. Great post Matt,

    I’m really looking forward to duel-specs (I’m a resto druid)

    It will finally give me the chance to try out different resto specs knowing I can just quickly change back if its not working.

    I’m really keen to try a glyphed healing touch build and a dreamstate build.

    I think this is where duel-spec will really shine in a raid when you can switch to another style of healing for a particular boss (thats if the mobile lexicon of power gets implemented and the only condition is that you are not in combat as they have suggested will be the case)

  27. Actually Matt, I LIKE the way your language and blogging has evolved. I’m an officer in my guild and helped form it to begin with so I probably “think” the same way when it comes to the guild and the people in it. I think it’s a good thing. 😛

  28. We are not swimming in Abyss Crystals. We have been giving out too much loot that will have little or no value in what that loot returns to the guild. In a dkp guild you pay for all your loot but in our guild we use loot council and we have been somewhat negligent when it comes to paying back the guild for loot received.

  29. Procuring the funds for the guild through offset pieces is an excellent way of doing it.

    What we do is charge an Abyss Crystal or the current market value in gold to cover the cost of the crystal. This all goes to funding the guild as far as items go (progression nights) and guild repairs.

  30. We’re a small guild currently and I suspect our policy won’t change much from what it is now. Main spec gets first option, offspec gets second. As far as gemming and chanting, we provide what is available in the guild bank or what the players want to donate, but if we are out, you just have to go buy it in the AH if you want it right at that moment. So players know it’s beneficial to add to the guild bank so that there will be materials for later use.

    For the record, I am resto, but do carry 3 sets. Because of this I’m expected to have them available and ready for action at a moments notice. I don’t have a problem with that since I’m being given the gear. That works for me.

  31. I think this issue is actually quite difficult and here’s why.

    In 3.1 in Matticus’s guild you will have 3 different levels of gearing:

    1) pure dps. Items are gained by dkp. Items are free. The guild bank supports expensive enchants on those items

    2) healers with caster dps offspecs. Items gained for main spec actually are nostly pretty good for dps offspec. Just swapping out a couple of pieces with +hit should make the offspec perfectly viable and an expensive + spell damage weapon enchant will support both roles

    3) tanks and healers with physical dps specs. Offspec items cost 100g beyond the first in a week plus you have to pay to gem and enchant it. Developing an offspec, especially if your two specs are tank and healer is expensive beyond your capacity to comfortably grind cash.

    OK, perhaps it won’t work out that way for the particular players in Matt’s guild – sometimes these things come down to individual cases. Some healer might be rich from playing the AH or some tank might be a fantastic AOE grinder. Or people may have so much offspec gear already that one item a week is really all they need to get, especially if Ulduar progress is slow.

    It’s basically a recurrence of a long standing game quandary. If you want to raid it’s easiest to get a spot if you are healer. But arguably it’s best if you can get a spot as a dps.

    A raiding dps can grind and do dailies by simply two-shotting the mobs. It’s fun and it lures you to do more of it because you feel so uber. The more you raid the easier grinding and to some extent pvp ownage becomes because your raid gear supports the rest of the game.

    With healing raiders your raid gear doesn’t help the rest of the game. Your dailies and grinding isn’t particularly fun. Now a dps dual spec offers a cheap and easy way to make yourself a grinder and for these guys it’s just as well. Because for the privilege of healing they will have to pay 100g for some of their items plus bear the cost of gemming and enchanting two sets. That’s a big burden of extra grinding required from tanks and healers who are the least optimised for out of raid gold generation.

    The Holy Pallies and Resto Druids will be subsidising the Hunters and Mages, that seems pretty crazy.

    On the other hand I do accept that players can sometimes fill a bank with offspec stuff they’ll never use.

    It’s not a simple issue

  32. “With healing raiders your raid gear doesn’t help the rest of the game.”

    Having played around with boomkinians a lot now, I’ve actually found the opposite to be true. When I’m specced boomkin I actually drop all my +Hit gear for dailies, farming and other such things. With 7% hit from talents, I need zero hit to cover everything Heroic and below with no miss chance. Therefore I use my healer gear because the +Crit or +Haste on it is better than the +Hit I get from raiding boomkin gear. I actually sacrifice the DPS stats for Hit when I go into a raid as a boomkin.

    Plus the extra crit give me a better chance of 1-shotting mobs with a 12K Starfire 😛

    Perrins last blog post..Dual Spec – The impact on raiding

  33. Yup sorry I really mean healing raiders whose dps relies on different stats ie holy pallies, shammies who dps as enhancement and druids who dps as feral.

    Yup spellpower dps offspecs for raiders in healing gear are fine.


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