7+2 Healing Haikus – Keep Your Tanks Alive Through the Power of Poetry

I can’t exactly remember what inspired me about a Haiku. I was reading up a little bit about Zen. The original idea was me emailing out various healing bloggers for quick one liners on healing tips and lessons for their class.

But then I decided what the heck? Let’s make them work a little bit. How about we convert that wisdom into some haikus for our readers?

MK of dwarfpriest.com

In vanilla WoW
Priests topped the healing. But now?
Out healed by shaman

Kestrel of Kestrel’s Aerie

A frisbee alights
Like the wind it moves again
Joy–the boss is down.

Zerei of Blood Paladin

If you’re deciding
between this upgrade and that,
balance is the key!

Lady Jess of Lady Jess

Zing tank in the head
Renew steadily ticking
Greater heal not flash

Softi of Softthistle’s Spot

H-O-T’s, gotta love
Em. Lifebloom times three and
Rejuv saves my butt!

My own contribution

Your tank is dying
When renew is not enough
Spam flash heal you must

Leafy of Leafshine

Leafshine stacking heals
Always keeping Rejuv up
Or the tank go splat

Kirk of Priestly Endeavors

**Kirk wrote an excellent masterpiece. I’ll post a snippet here.**

Flashes and tones as candles burn
unacceptable green spreads

Past horses and grooms
Ancient love in need redeemed
Weren’t you on main tank?

Read the rest

A special thanks to the contributors =). Feel free to comment with some of your own!

Edit: Here’s one more that I forgot 🙁

Siha of Banana Shoulders

For your safety, mage
Do not pull agro again
– BoP is on cooldown.

8 thoughts on “7+2 Healing Haikus – Keep Your Tanks Alive Through the Power of Poetry”

  1. Healing for the win.
    Unless the main tank goes down.
    No heals for the lose.

    Twalkins likes haikus.
    They’re easy and fun to make.
    Who needs to make sense?

    I’m sorry, really.
    I’ll stop with all the haikus.
    …after this good one.

    A heal for the tank
    Pulls aggro and wipes the raid.
    So who’s fault is it?

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