Weekly Digest: 4 New Bosses Down, Healers Lie, and the BA Podcast

What’s Happening in WoW

I mentioned earlier that we took down High Warlord Najentus and and Azgalor. Tonight we rocked BT further by one shotting Supremus and like 7 shotting Shade of Akama.

Band of the Abyssal Lord – Lang
Nether Shadow Tunic – Grid

Blind-Seers Icon – Sasette
Shadow-Walker’s Cord – Ronin

By the way, we’re still looking for a healer and an enhancement shaman (or a part time warlock). Three day raiding schedule! The only minimum gear requirement is Karazhan or badge loot. ZA stuff is a plus.

We took a lot of shots on Teron Gorefiend and we were able to consistently get him down to around 20 – 30% range on the first few hours. But we’ve been able to successfully identify "that guy" (will do a post on that later explaining what that means).

I really enjoyed this encounter because I get to do some DPS. All those days as a kid where I used to sit in an arcade and play some mortal kombat or play starcraft at home pays off in this fight. I stopped playing fighting games because of one reason: the shock rat. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, all those games I played involving fast movement and quick reaction time helped a lot.


Because of the gimmick. You get hit with a debuff that kills you after 30 seconds. But when you die, you get to control a little ghost pet. Think of it as similar to the Chess event where you have to use your pet’s abilities to win. Theres these four mobs that spawn when you "die" and you have to use your ghost pet to kill them or stall them from getting to the raid.

I clocked about 3140 damage per second. 180 APM? You bet. 😉

Here’s a video to demonstrate the process:

What’s Happening with the Blog

I changed up my links section drastically. Now it’s going to point to a new service called Tumblr. What I plan to do is store any links, stories, videos, quotes, images, and etc that don’t merit a blog post on their own and are too large for twitter. Think of it more as an asides page where I put up anything I find interesting and want to share. And it may not always be WoW related.

Check out my tumblog!

I’m also currently considering the implementation of votes for my posts. It’s a widget suggested by notable blogger Game Dame. Readers would be able to rate the posts on my blog on a five star scale. You might have seen it implemented on several blogs. The only thing stopping me at the moment are reasons technical and time related.

By the way, the first Blog Azeroth podcast episode has been finished and should be undergoing post production within the week. The speakers this week included Galadria, Fumbleknock, and myself.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Digest: 4 New Bosses Down, Healers Lie, and the BA Podcast”

  1. Grats on the bosses, if I ever change timezone’s I’ll come find you on WoW! haha

    Love the Windows Live Writer – has solved my main problem which was resizing pictures, so thanks for that!

    I’m still making my mind up about the tumblog… just another version of twitter isn’t it?

    Oh, and cheers for verifying that quote for me 😉

  2. GO MATT WOOO – progress hard son.

    Gorefiend is a bit of a cockblock fight, different people getting a chance at killing the constructs makes it hard because some people fail royaly at it.

    Need people to be really on their game for dispels or else you can’t handle the raid heals.

    GL with it mate.


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