Back to our Regular Blogging (Ding)


Time to catch up on some much needed sleep. Shutting off all my alarm clocks.

15 thoughts on “Back to our Regular Blogging (Ding)”

  1. @Sydera – I also am at a mere 72 (almost 73)… new 007 movie, Wrath, and hunting season (it’s a religion in Montana) all at the same time is too much for my poor mind to handle…

    @Matt – Gratz man, and NyQuil and Benadryl help to knock me out when I really need to sleep! LOL

  2. @Bruennor: Spartan UI along with Bartender4. It’s a really light UI compilation. I disabled every addon I had for leveling. I’m in the process of gradually restoring my raid frames.


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