House Cleaning, Podcast Possibilities, Ret. Paladin Help

Nothing much today. The idea well is running a little dry. Wanted to do a bit of housekeeping and maintenence here.


Besides, I need to work on finishing up this blogroll. I feel guiltier and guiltier with each passing day looking at my inbound links compared to my outbound links. I plan on reorganizing my entire blogroll into an epic sized blog roll. I will finish this thing by Friday after combing through Google Reader and adding and removing links.


This has absolutely nothing to do with World of Warcraft.

If you’re into Starcraft custom campaigns and the like, head on over to Campaign Creations. I helped keynote a 20 minute discussion with their admin (Lavarinth) and one of their leading project designers (Iskatumesk). Topics revolved around their custom Starcraft campaign competition (with prizes), upcoming features, and other stuff!

So if you’re into Starcraft, give it a listen since I’m the one hosting it.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a podcast for a long time. The only thing holding me back is mostly technical. It’s the audio conversion and the effects and the like. I might even go as far as creating a monthly or maybe even weekly video explaining boss encounters from a healing perspective such as how to assign your healers, how to handle certain parts of the event and so forth. There’s only so much detail that staring at text can do. Even watching first person videos can’t give you the overall picture because it’s from one person.

What else could I do? I’d love to audio interview certain players or bloggers and find out what makes them tick!

Again, nothing concrete but definitely an idea I’m mulling over.

In the mean time, check out the cast. I need to get better at speaking. But we are our own greatest critic, right?

Expanding the Frontpage Tabs

Right now, the main page tabs have only 2 choices: Priest related and stuff for Raid Officers. I’m going to expand that sometime soon with my personal favourites and most popular. CSS styling is quite annoying, however.


So Valoray (my Retribution Paladin) now has Thunder. What enchants would you recommend? This whole DPS thing is a little strange to me. I’m not used to seeing 4 digit crits.

It’s strangely satisfying!

6 thoughts on “House Cleaning, Podcast Possibilities, Ret. Paladin Help”

  1. I wouldnt enchant it with anything yet matt or at least anything good. Deep thunder is really that difficult to get and you will lose whatever enchant you put on it when you upgrade

  2. I spent a good few years… probably 2000-2003 or so… as a StarCraft devotee. Not kidding when I say I played it probably 6-8+ hours a day for a while. I LOVED that game.

    Haven’t played it in a while though… I really oughta pull it out and dust it off and give it another whirl. My life for Aiur!


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