My Vision of Tier 11 Priest Armor

Oh yeah, I’m sure you know who this guy is. His name is Altair from Assassin’s Creed. Cataclysm isn’t even close yet and already I’m day dreaming about my tier gear. Anyway, this idea came from leveling throughout Uldum. I was inspired by the deserts and the Egyptian themes.

I’m hiding my helm if we’re getting a turban though. Do you know how long I wore my Spellweaver’s Turban for back during Vanilla? Too long! What do you want your tier 11 to look like?

27 thoughts on “My Vision of Tier 11 Priest Armor”

  1. Oh yes – I’d like that! I’d love my priest to look more feminine, to feel like she’s actually capable of moving, to look mysterious, calming, helpful and wise. I don’t go for the big shoulders, the heavy armour and that sort of thing. I’d like to feel like I’m actually wearing cloth. Maybe cloth with mithril style padding under it, but cloth all the same.

    I did like the halo hats too – they made me feel more holy/healy.

    Edit – I can’t see the pic on the site either now I’ve come to comment – I saw it in my reader though – strange.

  2. I wouldn’t mind having this as a priest set. It would have to come with a wrist-blade though. Handy for ‘removing’ DPS that insist on standing in void zones.

  3. For deathknight? something black with a hint of deep red….but most importantly, something that really looks like heavy plate.

    For my clothies, I think you’re right. I like the Altair look for a priest, something that actually looks like it’s made of cloth

  4. That would be too cool Matt.

    We need battle priest class…. Now THAT would be cool. Oh wait…. aren’t we supposed to dps and heal in Cata? Nevermind…..

  5. i forget what the name was, but the priest pvp set from BC was the best looking set for a priest, ever. dark wings and a dark halo? yes pls! something more along that line for cata hopefully; i thought all the priest gear in wotlk was horrible in appearance…

  6. I like elaborate armor, that said I’d love to see something shiny that is cloth at the same time. I love white, light themed sets and I think we’re kinda missing a proper cloth-look atm. T9 was especially bad there.
    I’d like something flamboyant and opulent that’s still a fabric (multilayered with different textures etc.) for a future tier. 🙂 maybe also try and get inspired by more authentic looking, historical attire.

  7. Tier 6 still wins for most impressive Priest tier, in my opinion. I think a great set reflects what the class is all about without becoming garish and beyond all sense of taste. (You’re a Priest, so I guess you need Halos and Wings amirite? -_-).

    A Priest is a personification of an ideology, a culture, a belief system and a symbology all in one. A tier set should reflect this. So, for Uldum, perhaps we should have an Egyptian-themed set (no, no garish Ankhs or Double Crowns or stylized animal god helmets – something as simple as a white inside red robe with gold and blue highlighting would be really striking. I think simple, solid, vibrant colors really help with the ‘Egyptian’ feel. I would turn off a double crown, or Tut’s headdress, though. Of course, I’ve turned off almost every helmet since Burning Crusade!

    • @Felade: I really liked the tier 6 set as well. It just felt a bit dark for me. If they could do that again with tier 5 colors, it would look pretty sweet. It might even match the look that the Assassin up there is rocking.

  8. @Matt

    Having just worked on a Roundup on Priest outfits in WoW the past few days, I thought I’d let you know that I included this topic in my current article! =)

    Regards, Syl

  9. Speaking of priest tier… I can’t seem to find any discussions on the benefit of the 2 piece bonus vs the 4 piece one for tier 11, or on tier versus non-tier. Anyone have a link to share?


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