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Lodur here again, this time I’d like to talk a bit about the Restoration Shaman’s Best in Slot items. Syd’s post from the other day got me thinking that it would be good to toss this up for everyone to peruse. For those of you who don’t visit Plusheal often or at all there was a great thread and discussion over there in the shaman section based on the Best in Slot premise. I’d like to thank BeefyBuffalo for starting a great thread there, as well as all the theory crafters who contribute there regularly. This loot selection will most certainly change once Ulduar comes out but this is my best shot at putting it together for the available content. This list also in many places gives alternatives for preference gearing (crit or haste).


[Valorous Earthshatter Headpiece] (Kel’thuzad-25)

This offers a great set of of stats for us high INT and a good amount of MP5 and Spell Power. It also features Haste over crit as well as having two sockets for gemming.

[Helm of Pilgrimage] (Heigan -25)

This helm has slightly more MP5 then the Earthshatter as well as slightly higher Spell Power, but at the cost of both sockets. In place of haste it features a good chunk of Crit (almost 2%)

Comparable to the two is [Helm of Unleased Energy] (Gothik-25)


[Life-Binder’s Locket](Malygos key quest) or  [Chains of Adoration] (several boss in Naxx-25)

The Life Binder’s is a better overall piece but you’ll probably see chains before the locket.


[Valorous Earthshatter Spaulders](Loatheb-25 or 60x Emblems of Valor) or [Council Chamber Epaulets] (Sartharion-25)

Again it’s a crit vs haste itemization here. I put Valorous higher on the list for two reasons. You can get it for badges which makes it easy to obtain and it puts you closer to the full set bonuses.


[Pennant Cloak](Sartharion-25), or [Cloak of the Dying](Kel’thudzad-10)

For this I personally prefer the Pennant cloak. Good stats and it has both crit and haste. I know it doesn’t have MP5 but it does have a socket which is very nice.


[Tunic of the Artifact Guardian](Malygos-25) or [Valorous Earthshatter Tunic](Four Horsemen-25)

Again the Earthshatter tunic is nice if you’re still working towards your 2 piece or 4 piece bonuses but my honest suggestion would be go after the other slots (legs, gloves, shoulders and helm) and try to grab yourself the Artifact Guardian chest. It’s an awesome chest piece with a goodly amount of crit and a nice chunk of spell power. You lose a socket compared to Valorous but what you gain from this chest piece is just too good to pass up in my opinion.


[Bindings of the Decrepit](Heigan-25) or [Cuffs of the Shadow Ascendant](60 x Emblem of Valor) Identical

Pretty straightforward here, same item, two different ways to get it. Simply best bracers you can get.


[Winter Spectacle Gloves](Malygos-25) or [Bountiful Gauntlets](Sartharion-25) or [Valorous Earthshatter Handguards] (Sartharion-25)

These are all good options each has great stats and looks pretty slick too. My personal suggestion again though is if you don’t have your set bonuses or are working towards the 4 piece, go for the Valorous


[Sash of the Parlor](cloth from Anub’rekhan-25) or [Girdle of the Gambit](Patchwork-25)

While the cloth belt is viable, I personally prefer the Girdle of the Gambit. Toss a belt buckle on it and march that thing around!


[Valorous Earthshatter Legguards] (Thaddius-25) or [Legguards of the Undisdurbed] (Noth-25)

Again both are good, but I personally prefer the Valorous leggings.


[Sabatons of Firmament](Sartharion) or [Atonement Greaves](Faerlina -25)

Here I prefer the Atonement Greaves. Slightly better stats and a good dose of haste with a bit more MP5. Again though this selection boils down to preference of Crit or Haste.


[Signet of Manifested Pain](Kel’thuzad-25) or [Seized Beauty](Faerlina-25) or [Ring of Decaying Beauty] (Sapphiron-25) or [Wyrmrest Band] (Sartharion-25)

This again is largely a matter of choice, these are just the best options available. Personally I prefer a combination of Decaying Beauty and Wyrmrest Band.

Main Hand:

[Torch of Holy Fire] (Kel’thudzad-25) or [Hammer of the Astral Plane](Kel’thudzad-10) or [Wraith Strike](Maexxna-25)

Yeap that’s right, a spell power fist weapon! It’s really a great 1 hander well worth picking up if you see it drop. Baring the fist weapon dropping, holding out for Kel’s Torch isn’t a bad idea. It gives us a ton of stats we love and well… it looks pretty cool too!.


[Voice of Reason](Kel’thudzad-25) or [Shield of Assimilation] (Anub’rikhan-25)

My preference here is for the Shield of Assimilation. To me the MP5 on it makes it a bit more enticing for a Resto Sham.


[Totem of Forest Growth](15 Emblem of Heroism) or [Totem of the Bay] (30 Venture Coins- Grizzly Hills)

Not a lot of choices at 80, but I think Forest Growth should be the first badge item you buy. It’s a cheap and effective item that will carry you well throughout current content.


[Illustration of the Dragon Soul] (Sartharion-25) or [Je’Tze’s Bell] (BoE World Drop) or [Soul of the Dead] (Sapphiron-25) or [Mercurial Alchemist Stone] (Crafted) or [Living Ice Crystals] (Malygos-25)

These represent the crème de le crème of trinkets for us in my opinion. Personally I favor The Bell combined with Crystals. The MP5 Combined with another instant heal makes it a beefed up [Vial of the Sunwell] !

Set Bonuses:

Your Tier 7 bonuses for both 2 piece and 4 piece are extremely nice. 2 Piece nets you Water Shield Boost: your Water Shield is 10% stronger. This means that your passive MP5 from water shield, as well as your mana returned per charge consumed is increased. Lets face it, more mana is never a bad thing right? 4 piece allows for Spirit Link Chain Heal which means the healing done by your Chain Heal and Healing Wave is increased by 5%. That’s most definitely a good thing. I mean, when was more healing ever bad? More mana + more healing output = great set bonus.

Final Thoughts:

Keep in mind that your T7 gear is the equivalent of T4 back in Burning Crusade, so if you don’t get everything on your list don’t panic. There will be upgrades coming in the next content patch besides tier loot, of that I am certain. Also remember these represent my opinions, feel free to create your own wish lists or checklist of items you are looking for.

If you have something on your wish list that you want to share, please feel free!

Till next time, Happy Healing.


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25 thoughts on “Resto Shaman: Best in Slot”

  1. Great list Lodur! I was going through that thread yesterday and was quite pleased to see that my own musings are right on with what you and some of the other top Shammie theroycrafters are thinking. 🙂

    I just got my 4 piece bonus last night, and boy is it nice! I’m currently waiting to get my valorous gloves though, so I can swap my val chest out for the Maly tunic I have riding the pine at the moment so I can keep my 4 piece bonus.

    Thanks for the great posts here, and keep them coming!


  2. @Xabbott:
    MP5 is still an important stat for us, even with replenishment. This list is also taking into consideration current endgame and beyond. Balancing MP5, haste, crit, int etc is pretty much what it’s all about(especially with proposed nerfs incoming to mana regen). I know the list above looks like it has a lot of MP5 but if you add it up it’s only about 273 ish mp5 before enchants, gems, buffs, totems etc.

    @Morane :
    Sounds like I have another post to work on 🙂

  3. Morane, for a quick check on where to get gear while leveling, you should google Kaliban’s Loot List. You can sort it through several filters and it will list rep, quest, and dropped items.

  4. While this list is great for those at the bleeding edge…

    is there a similar list for those starting out? A list for Resto Shamans to use to plan their absolute best “I’m walking into Naxx tomorrow and I’m gonna kick ass, because I knew what 5 mans to run and what crafted stuff to make” list?

  5. @Lodur I think you’re overstating the case for mp5. At the moment, the proposed mana regen changes won’t affect Shamans as we’ve been identified as the class with the weakest base regen by the developers. Spirit regen is getting scaled back and Divine Plea is being toned down – neither of these will affect us.

    Of course, it would be foolish not to pick up gear with mp5 in case the situation changes in the future and for healing 10-mans without replenishment. However, right now there are items that drop in Naxx 25 that are better options for Resto Shamans if your regen needs are covered by int gemming and replenishment. These include, but are not limited to, Eruption Scarred Boots from Heigan and Girdle of Recuperation and Bands of Mutual Respect from Razuvious.

  6. sorry to post here but not sure where else i can post

    could one of your writers please, pretty pretty please publish a best-in-slot for raiding pve disc priests, incl gems, enchants, flasks & consumables, along with recommendations as to when it would be more useful to stack mp5 + crit, or SP + crit?

    i am considering respecing and have not been able to find comprehensive lists on other sites.

    thanks for all of your great work!

  7. Great list, I’m seeing a lot of gear lists now for ‘best in slot’ but it’s always 25 mans. I know that’s what most of the hardcore player lean to, but the guild I’m in is focused on 10 mans … is there a 10 man best in sloth list out there by chance? Or has no one got a dog in that fight …

    That’s also the main reason I’ve stayed away from posts lately, I don’t see the fights like the what seems to be majority of people …

  8. MP5 – 200 was my goal to shoot for in the current content. But it makes sense to grab some higher MP5 items when you can. Ulduar WILL be more mana intensive. It pays to be prepared.

    Illustration of the Dragon Soul is not a good trinket for resto shaman (at least in my opinion). We usually aren’t spamming heals and 10 seconds can easily pass by while you’re waiting for something to heal. The Egg(Badges) and Embrace of the Spider(Naxx 10) trinkets with passive spellpower and a haste proc are very good for raid healing. Forethought Talisman (Naxx 25) has a lot of SP and a nice HOT…a little better for tank healing but still good for a raid healer. Living Ice Crystals is okay but if you aren’t using the instant heal once a minute, it’s pretty much wasted.

  9. This list is basically the EJ list for Resto Shaman.

    I think one crucial item left off of the list under trinkets would be from the Nobles Deck – Darkmoon Card: Greatness

    Darkmoon Card: Greatness
    Binds when picked up
    +90 “X” ( in this case it would be the Intellect one)
    Requires Level 80
    Equip: When you heal or deal damage you have a chance to gain Greatness, increasing your Strength, Agility, Intellect, or Spirit by 300 for 15 sec. Your highest stat is always chosen.

  10. Darkmoon Card: Greatness would make my list but the current cost of it doesn’t reflect the value for a Resto Shaman. A +300 INT proc gives a little spellpower, a little mana regen (if replenishement is up), and a little crit. It’s good but not 7k-12k gold “good”. If the cost of the card dropped to under 3k, I’d probably give it a serious look but even then I’m not sure if it’s that much better than what I have.

  11. @ Mekias – For now, Intellect is the most valued stat for any resto shaman.

    The facts again (stated earlier in the Int vs. MP5 post):

    1) Ancestral Knowledge (AK) now affects Intellect so each point of Intellect is really 1.1
    2) Shaman now have talents that boost crits or proc on crits
    3) Nature’s Blessing converts up to 15% of your Intellect into Spellpower
    4) Mana restored from Mana Tide is based on your maximum mana
    5) Replenishment is based on your maximum mana

    10 Intellect = 6 mp5 if you have a 5-minute fight with Mana Tide and 100% uptime from Replenishment.

    10 Intellect also gives 3.3 crit rating and 1.8 spell power

    Intellect gives mana from three different sources. Four if you include inproved water shield procs.

    Now I agree that the costs for the card is WAY out of line. So, for myself, I had a guildy make cards for me and also rolled an alt as an inscriptionist. I want in on the money gain!!!

  12. I believe the Darkmoon Card: Greatness is the best trinket a resto shaman can get at this point in the game. Like Wilgo said, Int is the most valued stat for a resto shaman at the moment.

    When this card procs and I’m fully raid buffed (without elixirs/flasks though) I hit 31k mana. When the card procs and I’m around 50% mana or so, I drop Mana tide and I’m getting very close to 2k mana per tick which is absolutely nuts.

  13. Well like I said, this list isn’t the end all be all, it’s just my perception on it. All the suggestions made have been great suggestions, and the reasons behind them are great as well. Keep them comming!

    Lodurs last blog post..World of matticus?

  14. The Greatness card is a real good mana regen trinket (if you can get your mana tide in during the proc, it’s easily the best mana regen trinket). A bonus is that is gives a little crit and SP as well (although not a great deal). Without counting mana tide, I put the Greatness card equal to the Egg or EotSpider. If you count mana tide, that’s an additional 21 MP5, making it better.

    But some fights don’t require a lot of mana regen. It’s best to have several trinkets, some for healing power, some for regen. Looking at just stats on a spreadsheet, the #1 trinket would be the Forethought Talisman. 111 SP PLUS a 3572 HOT every minute is pretty impressive. But we all know that a raid healer could end up wasting that with overheal. On the other hand, though, might you also end up wasting all the mana regen from the Greatness Card?

    Bottom line, there are a variety of good healer trinkets. I can’t see spending that much money on a Greatness Card right now when I never have a problem with mana. If it’s still the best mana regen trinket when Ulduar hits, I might try to grab it just in case.

  15. Amazing list and I agree with almost everything on the list, Any reson you don’t have the Forethought trinket on there, I don’t see how more Healing and another hot could hurt anything.

  16. @Kasanub. It’s a good trinket, don’t get me wrong, but if you look at my RNG trinkets on the list I have ones that give you a direct benefit, in this case MP5. My problem with trinkets that apply a HoT is more often then not it winds up wasted on someone who is topped off by the heal you just put on them. By using trinkets that allow you MP5 back you can take that mana and apply a heal else where. That to me is more important then the HoT. Again thats just my two cents on it.

    Lodurs last blog post..World of matticus?

  17. I believe that if you’re raid healing the 2 best pieces you can get are belt/boot tier 6. Why? 10% off chain heal would be worth 150 mp5 if it was the only spell you cast- if you had no haste. At 33% haste it’s 200mp5. That’s 100 mp5 per slot. Unbeatable. With it, you can stack as much haste as you want and still have mana left over. Not recommended for tank healing, but as a raid healer there’s nothing stronger than a haste stacked resto shaman. Don’t forget how SWP was.


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