Spirit Shell Change: Burst Bubble Spam!

Spirit Shell: For the next 15 sec, your Heal, Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Prayer of Healing no longer heal but instead create absorption shields that last 15 sec.

Cool! Not less than half a day since I posted that we were expecting Spirit Shell changes, they went and changed up the design of it entirely. In terms of absorb values, my guess is that they’re going to be a 1:1 value. So if you heal for 10000, you’ll be creating shields for 10000.

Instead of a spell that directly creates a shield, they’ve given us an ability that turns most of our healing spells into shield spells. Interesting design change. Can’t wait to try it in action. At least we now have a clear toggle between the times when we need to restore health and the times to create shields. Nifty ability though because even if the raid is at near full health, Disc priests can easily toggle Spirit Shell on and blanket the raid with shields and add that extra health buffer to everyone.

I suppose this is one way to shield spam the raid!

And as promised, Rapture removes the cooldown on Power Word: Shield.

6 thoughts on “Spirit Shell Change: Burst Bubble Spam!”

  1. huh, interesting. I like the idea, hope it makes it to live so I can try it out. Makes me feel a bit better about disc’s viability in Mists, though I’ll probably still go disc/holy for a bit to start out, get the feel of both.

    •  @MelfinatheBlue No kidding. Smart change on their part, I think.
      Though now I’m curious.
      1. Do the absorbs stack?
      2. What happens to Prayer of Healing in Spirit Shell mode? Does Divine Aegis activate? (Gut answer says no) 

  2. I assume this is a self-buff, but is there a mana cost? Does it trigger the GCD? Is there a CD on using the ability? I assume this also means Disc Priests are going to get the Heal spell.
    Ahhh, so many questions! I guess I’ll need to log on to Beta tonight. I like how this mechanic sounds in theory though.

  3. I still think it’s missing something, like a mana/cast time reduction to really be spammable.  I can’t think of a time when I’m actively thinking “Zomg I wish my heals were bubbles right now!”  Maybe it’s only going to be used when the raid is topped off?  Also, I’m not sure Disc needs another cooldown, between PS, Barrier, Lifegrip, and Void Shift.


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