With a Little Help From My Friends…

Thank you!

As many of you know this blog has been around for over 2 years now. We could not have done that without you, the readers. With a love for the game we all play, and your continued readership we remain one of the oldest blogs on the subject out there, and we are not showing any signs of slowing down. So I’d like to take a second and thank you, all of you for continuing to come to the site, and our sister sites of PlusHeal and NoStockUI and sharing your thoughts and offering ideas.

Now for a little announcement, as of today I am submitting the papers to be considered for the Official World of Warcraft Fan Site program. My thinking is that Matt has put so much work into not only this site, but many others, that I believe it’s about time to be added to the list. That brings me back to you, our readers. Today I have a question for you.

Since we’ve been around for over 2 years, we’ve quite an archive of posts and conversations. So I ask you the reader, What is your favorite thing about World of Matticus? This can be a post, or a series of comments, or an idea that was discussed. Did WoM help you down a boss or provide any tips or tricks that helped you out? Anything at all really, I just want to know your fond memories of this site.

Feel free to share, I look forward to seeing your comments on this one.


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27 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends…”

  1. Before I joined up as a writer, I loved reading about Matt’s guild’s progress through Black Temple. The posts were very honest about both successes and failures, and it let me know what to expect as my guild worked through the same content six weeks later.

  2. I’ll share mine. Back when I was making my transition from a raiding hunter to a raiding healer I looked for as much information as I could. Like Sydera I loved reading matt’s posts and it gave me a heads up on things to expect. Later when I began to make the transition to Heal Lead again I turned to the blog for information, and it helped me prepare for the job that I had been tasked with.

  3. I am a paladin healer, and it helped me get into the mentality of the healer. Previous to getting into this site and others like Siha’s at Banana Shoulders, I was so clueless. I had a Holy Prot spec combo until mid 40 level and had no idea what I was doing. This was my second toon ever, and now it is my main. I am leveling a druid and a shaman for the healing, because I love it so much.
    It gave me advice on how to be more than just a healer as well, how to be the nice guy that always came equipped, repair bots check, buff food check, mana potions check, elixirs check. I have been invited into many guilds by pugs, just because of this one fact alone. I always bring enough for myself and am willing to share. It is a small bit of advice, but is really who I am in real life. It does cost more virtual gold, but what I get back in a larger friends list, and invites is huge, and way more valuable.
    The discussion on how WoW impacts life and gender roles actually did cause me to become a better person. I see some of my own prejudice, and it is upfront now. I can deal with it now. That may sound corny, but it is true.
    My guild asked me to dual spec, and I am doing it, but it doesn’t feel right yet. That pretty well sums up what WoM did for me. Helped to make healing feel right. I am looking for a blog that is well written, and covers the kind of diversity of topics that WoM does so tanking can fell “right”, but I am still looking.
    .-= Arkaneena´s last blog ..Paladin Instance Healing by difficulty Trial of the Champion =-.

  4. I really enjoyed all of the different perspectives on the types of healing and how they could all fit together in order to make a more well rounded raid. The site has been very helpful in that regard, along with the persepectives on raid and guild leadership.

    I guess what I like most about the site is how much I have learned in the short time that I have been coming here.

    Heres to many good years of healing strategy, guild leadership help and general all around good reads!


  5. The healing strategies here have really helped our guild in setting up our own healing strategies for boss fights in our own raids.

  6. My favorite thing is the writers. Matt gave me an outlet for my voice with some guest posts, and encouraged me with my own Blog. The strategies and the tips are great – but they’re nothing without the group of writers behind it.
    .-= Adgamorix´s last blog ..Push it real good… =-.

  7. First and foremost the sheer variation that the triangle of WoM, NSU and PH give but also the variation by just WoM. I’m not just talking about healing-flavoured posts now, but about all categories.

    Top fav in my book are posts about boss-encounters from healer PoV which is always a tad different then the other ones out there. Another top categorie are Matticus’ posts about leadership, guild leading, how to go about guildies and such. They might not always be my views, but they certainly are another (well put) look on the same subject I stuggle with a lot being a healing officer myself.

  8. My favorite thing is the community that has sprung up and how open it is. Matt has always had a commitment to making sure his readers could participate – and he was one of the first wow blogs to specifically state that you didn’t have to log in or jump through any hoops to comment.

    Matt has helped so many other bloggers find their voices, and always encouraged them to say what they had to say – even, and especially, when they needed a bit of extra confidence.

    The result has been a vibrant, positive, wonderful community of WoW players, who rather than looking for places to snark each other have looked for ways to help each other improve, to add to a conversation, and to take our love of the game out of Azeroth, and make new friends IRL.

    Matt, thanks for being a great friend, mentor, and all-around leader. Thanks for introducing me to Syd, Lodur, and Anna. Thanks for providing this place for us to all meet, talk, and laugh.


  9. I love the broad spread of articles I see on WoM. Whether it’s about recruiting, progression, drama, organizing your raid, or applications of Matt’s major to guild leading… it’s all fascinating and useful.

    Much <3 for WoM.

  10. I remember when I turned 70 I was so excited and had no idea how to become Kara ready. I found some guides here that really helped me as a healer become prepared and get the gear that compliments my playing style. I found peace of mind and some terrific advice that got me pumped to be a so-called raider. This site has helped me manage my old baby guild, and also through the progression of merging. I found this as a refuge for my RL questions on content of a game. If WoW is my home, then WoM is the pillows that makes it so comfy.

  11. I totally enjoy reading about the Healer’s perspective on different boss encounters and not just Priest views (which is the class i play) but all the other classes as well, this gives me a good chance to interact even better with my fellow healers during a raid no matter what class they use and even give them tips about how to improve their performance as well.

    Also the Guild/Leadership posts are very helpful, for some people is easy to just go around doing anything in game as long as they are having fun, but when you are responsible for a group of people as a Guild Leader/Raid Leader/Class Leader there’s so many things to consider whether is accomplishing downing a new boss, trying to make a fun environment for your guildies and friends, distributing loot, deciding who gets to go, etc. And WoM has done a great job in discussing these topics and offering tools and guidelines to help us improve as a community.

    All i can say is thank you and keep up the great writing!

  12. Thanks for the kind words guys. I’m only here to help and share what I can. I’ll continue to do that as long as I play the game.

    By the way, on a completely UN-related note, my 22nd birthday’s coming up on the 26th. I’m just, y’know… sayin’. Nothing subliminal there. Nope

    No sirree. ^^

  13. Congrats on 2 years WoM! You’ve been blogging over twice as long as I’ve been playing, so I’ve always used this as a resource for learning healing and the healing community. I also don’t have time to play in a serious raiding guild, so I like all the general-focus articles about guild leadership and your “Conquests.”

    Here’s to another good two years in game and on the blogosphere!
    .-= DFitz´s last blog ..We’ve Got Spirit Yes We Do! =-.

  14. You asked what about WoM has helped me? I can namely point out your build your own guild guide as one thing I have read extensively and Wynthea’s breakdown of the Priest talents in her blog. The links and info on this site has been an invaluable resource for me. Plusheal.com allowed me to find a new guild on a new server and so far things are going well there. The fact that you are open to comments and create a discussion is awesome! My favorite though is the newsletter. It allows me to get updates from the site if I don’t have enough time to come and personally browse. I again thank all of you for putting so much time and effort into all this. Awesome job guys and girls! 😀

  15. What helped me most in WoM? The raiding tips. There was also one great article about a UI addons package which really helped me take a harder look at my addons collection.

    But I don’t come back to WoM just for the raiding tips, I come for the interesting articles. WoM is fun to read, just as WoW is fun to play. Keep up the good job 🙂
    .-= Solidstate´s last blog ..Shadow Priest – Disappointing =-.

  16. This site made me start reading WoW blogs. Before I stumbled onto WoM I only used the internet (in relation to WoW) to look up information. My go-to sites were Elitist Jerks and the WoW Forums. However after someone linked to WoM I was hooked. It has posts about multiple topics I’m interested in, from guild management when I was a guild officer to a review of AION (how’d you know I was looking at it?!) Finding WoM made me curious about other WoW blogs out there and has made me a generally more informed WoW player.

    Plus, I have linked the 4 Reasons Healing Meters Suck guest post more times than I can count. I actually bookmarked it so I can link it.

  17. I am tank, have 2 healer alts but my heavy focus is on raid strategies and tanking…

    I love WoM because it gives me sharp and accurate information about stuff I cannot focus on, small tips and tricks about healers that I can ask my own healers to employ fast and reliable.

    1) 20% crit for priests so each aoe heals procs surge
    2) shaman reliable healer for tanks (not aoe healer ONLY)
    3) healing specific encounters

    These were from top of my mind but many others too…

  18. I discovered WoM 6-8 month ago as I was still playing on US realm. At that time, I was looking for advice about creating my own guild and read most of the related content posts. On the same time I was heavily (as a casual) playing a resto shammy and enjoyed every Lodur’s post.
    Now that I’m back in France and in EU realms, I continue reading WoM but more for the well written social study behind the game and especially now for your opinions, writers, on Blizzcon !
    I hope you’ll get the fan site validation because you truly deserve it, as you are the only mean to better understand the community instead of just pixels of the game…
    And as Wynthea said, it is the only place where readers can also be useful ! (that I know of)

  19. I happened upon WoM through a Google search about Priest Healing Gear for lvl 80. It has been in my Favorites ever since. I left a guild where I was an OK healer to join a guild where I was to be Priest Class Lead. I used WoM input to gem/gear/enchant a lot of fellow priests, as well as find out what kind of healing other classes can do.

    And I have to agree with the comments above. WoM has a tremendous group of writers. You guys know your stuff, and I’m so glad you’ve been sharing it with the rest of the WoW community!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Matticus!

  20. Hi !
    I like reading WoM for several reasons. First, I have a tree druid, and I like reading sydera’s article about druid healing.

    I like Matt’s posts about guild management and raid-leading. I find it often very interesting and I often compare it to my guild. It’s usually very accurate and honest.

    I don’t really read priest posts or other classes specific posts, except druid’s, because I don’t play any of them.

    I quite like to read Lodur’s post about in game experience, and all the comments following are often very interesting.

    And I don’t know if you want comments about PlusHeal and No Stock UI, but PlusHeal is a great community, so different (and so much friendlier) than official forums, with nice and helpful poeple. NSUI is interesting and I found new great addons there but it’s not as well updated as WoM.

    I come here nearly every day, and sometimes I link some posts on my guild’s forum. Keep it up guys, you’re doing a great job !
    .-= Nefernet´s last blog ..A week full of new achievements =-.


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