Your Winter Veil Gift, From Us


Winter Veil’s a’comin! The nights are closing in, the frost’s creeping over the tavern windows and yetis are Icehowl’ing in the snowy fields. It’s a magical time of year that we’d like to celebrate alongside you folks – what better time than to give you a gift? That gift is – a chat by the fireside with each of us. But we need your help to do it.

What we want from you is a topic of conversation. We want you to nominate a different topic to write on for each of us – that is, Matt, Wynthea, Lodur, Thespius and me, Mimetir (Syd is still AWOL being happy and busy, I believe). The topic can be anything at all you like – whatever you want that writer’s thoughts on. WoW related things are a good start for a WoW blog obviously, but as it’s Winter Veil – if you want us to write on something else, we might just do it.

You have until Monday 14th to reply to this article with your topic nominations for each writer. Of course we can’t write on every topic you guys nominate because if we try that we’ll miss Winter Veil ourselves! So once the five-day nomination time is over, Matt will make a list of the collected nominations for each WoM writer and make a secret santa roll to decide which topic we each write on. We’ll each then write an article on our individual topic, given by one of you, and post it up during the holidays.

Sound complicated? Sure, it does a bit. I’m a bird brain trying to explain something, been at the eggnog too much and all that. I’ll give you an example to clear things up.

  • Say six of you nominate different topics for Lodur to write on. That makes six potential topics for Lodur’s Winter Veil-time article
  • Matt takes a 1-6 list of those topics, ordered by when they chronologically appear in the comments on the article
  • He then does an independently adjudicated ‘Lodur roll (/roll 1-6)’ to decide which topic Lodur writes on (this does of course mean that RNG might decide it’s not your topic’s turn this year – but it might decide it is)
  • He does the same for the other four writers – me, Thespius, Wynthea and himself  – and announces the winning topics, along with details of when the articles will go up

Then you watch out over the holidays to read articles on the selection of topics you wanted to hear our deepest thoughts on. You then respond with what you think about your topic and our thoughts. Win.

So how about it? Help us give you something this Winter Veil. What do you want to talk about?

17 thoughts on “Your Winter Veil Gift, From Us”

  1. Write about blacklisting and blizzard punishing good people with this new 15 minute deserter buff for leaving a group with bad people in it.

  2. This is for each of you – I’d love to see photos and details of your gaming rigs. Favorite chairs, comp hardware configs and everything. 🙂

  3. For any of you:

    Design a single boss encounter. Or, alternatively, what distinguishes a good boss mechanic from a bad one? Or what about a good implementation from a bad one? Koralon’s Meteor Fist and Marrogaw’s Sabre Lash are basically the same mechanic, so is one better than the other? Why?

  4. Matt – My day as a tanking bear
    Wynthea – On shammie setbonus for the healing shammie
    Lodur – Why disc priests can raid heal
    Thespius – Why having a demonology lock in your raid is a good idea
    Mimetir – Combat Rogues vs Mutilate

    The idea is to step out of the comfi box and write about something that is not your class/alt, etc.

    Just a thought….nice idea btw 🙂
    .-= Shy´s last blog ..Patch 3.3 is live…with Corehound Pet =-.

  5. I’d love to see someone (Lodur?) write on re-speccing or dual-speccing to heals. I recently did this for my guild (dual-spec to Holy Pally). I was amazed at how little help there was given the demand for this type of thing in guilds. Sure, a lot can be found in any old holy guide, but a lot of that stuff is for total noobs (I was a 3/4 noob). My questions were things like “What’s a good instance to start trying this?” “What is a good sequence of instances to learn the whole game?” (I was cocky after a tank n’ spank. An big AOe set me right). My 2 cents, and I’ll even volunteer to help!

  6. I’d like to see Thespius (or anyone) write about the contrasts between hard-core gaming and casual gaming. Especially – does the holiday-specific content (extra quests, achievements, silly stuff) break you out of a hard-core grind, or is it just a distraction?

    Or will this start the “achievements attract Casual Gamers” debate?

  7. Matt, I am curious about your thoughts on new content and when to really shift primary focus. I am in a raiding guild that as we say, “We’re not casual. Nor are we hardcore. We simply get things done in a timely manner.” Well, time has run out on us. We are stuck on Heroic Jaraxxus 25 and got Heroic Anub 10 down to 6%. We also downed Lord Marrowgar on day one. So the skills are there. There has been discussion about doing Regular Toc 25, but at this point, some wonder if there is even a point to that besides emblems? We’ve geared the guild up very well in regular ToC so much so that we DE much of it or roll offspec. So when should a guild “move on?” And how do you make that decision? That’s my suggestion. You can write it- or you can pass this one on to someone else. But I would really like to read your thoughts! Happy Raiding! Exxy
    .-= Exanna´s last blog ..Quel’delar Quest Chain =-.

  8. For any of you:

    With 3.3 released recently, how are you going to deal with raiding ICC on your “main”, keeping your “alts” on par, and having enough time for school/family/friends/work/etc.

    In relation to Cataclysm, if you could choose to redesign a certain zone / part of WoW. What would you like to redesign and why?

    When the Lich King is killed, someone would need to take his place to stop the Scourge from destroying all living things. Would you be able to step up and take his place (whatever the costs) and what do you think would happen to you?

    Best regards,


  9. I don’t know if we’re allowed to make two entries or not, but this issue has bothered me a lot more than the forced 15 minute lockout timer. It would be perfect for Sydera; too bad she’s busy. Here we go:

    In patch 3.3, Blizzard thought it wise to prevent druids from rolling on cloth, paladins from rolling on mail, leather, or cloth, shamans from rolling on cloth, etc. So, what’s the issue?

    The issue is, there’s pretty big upgrades to be had along the way in cloth for these classes if they are speced for healing (and in the shaman’s case elemental as well). So, what happens when an item like this is presented as loot?

    Most of the time, when you have and enchanter in the group, your party mates quickly hit the ‘disenchant’ button. There you are left with a ‘need’ button that’s labeled ‘you cannot roll’. The only thing you can do is hit the ‘greed’ button and hope, out of your 1/5 (20%) chance, that you save that item.. that item which is an upgrade to you… from becoming disenchant fodder.

    I can find no fault in using cloth, especially when rolling unopposed, as a druid, paladin, or shaman when they are healers or casters. They don’t get hit that often and for the most part, if they do get hit, their type of armor isn’t going to save them. Restoration druids, holy paladins, restoration shamans, and elemental shamans just got told by Blizzard that they’re not allowed to get upgrades. That’s how I see this issue, how about you?

  10. I know the deadline has passed, but I’ve realised one thing yesterday that might be interesting to talk about : the differences in UI layout between different roles.

    I play mainly healing classes/ranged dps, so I have setup my ui a certain way. Since recently I’ve been leveling my DK and yesterday I did my first dungeon as a melee dps. That’s when I realised that the center of my UI is ‘too crowded’ with information I usually use as a healer. In other words, as a melee dps I need the center of the ui to be free so I can see the fight better.

    I had never realised this as a healer/ranged dps.

    So the topic would be something like to analyse the different (information) needs of different roles and present a good layout / tips for every ‘role’ (in a generic sense, since everyone has their own preference in certain addons).

    On a side note, did you have enough input on subjects?


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