Myth busted: Canadian Chicks Play WoW

I know I’m soooo going to be asking for it and Wyn and Syd probably going to butcher me. I’m in my Psyc class and there’s a girl right in front of me playing WoW while the Prof is lecturing.

  • Looks like a 70 Warlock main
  • Enchanter
  • Has the ZA bag
  • Looks like the Mag Bag too
  • Has many alts
  • Alliance
  • Piling the IF AH with stuff

…Is it scary that I can tell that much information with just a simple and involuntary glance over her shoulder? Or am I just a really good stalker? It must be my Criminology training and eye to detail.

Yeah, thats it!

46 thoughts on “Myth busted: Canadian Chicks Play WoW”

  1. Obviously a stalker.

    During one of my summer classes (Probability&Statistics) I played FF3/6 during class a good chunk of the time. It was that or fall asleep, I think.

  2. OMG. If one of my undergrads did that, she’d be so dead meat. Literally, I’d find her server, roll a rogue on the opposite faction, level to 70, and then corpse camp her for a week.

    If I can’t play WoW in class, my students can’t either!

    As a side note, I’m really surprised that the campus WiFi is good enough to handle it.

  3. I cannot believe you wrote a blog about this, you better talk to her after class! And if she reads your blog she’s probably gonna be terrified! stalker >.>

  4. I didn’t think girls actually played WoW, all the female characters are really men aren’t they? 😉

    If I’m wrong, does that mean I need to go to Canada to find a girl who plays WoW?

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  5. Haha, Matt, if you were REALLY that good, you’d just roll on her server and ask her that way. Betcha missed that when you were looking at her login screen.

    Keylog that shizzle, stat!

  6. Step 1: Find out what server she’s on.
    Step 2: Create an alt and level through the starting area so you’re not level 1, and therefore not blocked by spammer filters.
    Step 3: Whisper her in-game while in class, saying “Hey, I’m right behind you,” and when her character turns around and doesn’t find your avatar there, follow it up with “No, I’m behind *you*.” And then wait for her to turn around slowly with a creeped out look on her face.
    Step 4: Wave.
    Step 5: ????
    Step 6: Uh… profit?

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  7. LOL all the comments cracked me up.

    But, seriously. I’m a girl and play WoW and I’m in the USA…Ohhhh!!!

  8. The first thought that came to my mind was clearly the same as everyone elses – StalkerStalkerStalker!!! I figure she must be a pretty awesome type of girl anyway if she plays a lock, so you should have really talked to her afterwards. As an aside, I used to pass the time in my 3 hour lectures playing WoW as well… although if I didn’t have access to a powerpoint it was a bit rough 🙂 Of course, anyone looking over my shoulder would have just thought I was a noob – I was level 40 at the time! Honestly, is there anything better to do in a dreary old lecture?

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  9. Dude, Mallet, you dropped the ball on this one. If you was even remotely cute, you had an icebreaker and could talk to this warlock. *correction: dropped the PUCK on this one. @Sydera welcome to the famari =D

  10. … Oh My God! I just got your BA avatar! DOH.

    I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. College orientation, waiting to get courses and a girl in the comp lab with me is surfing the WoW forums. We talked a bit, but it was the most disappointing first “hi, so you play wow” conversation ever. I’ve seen her four times since then and it’s like she’s looking away from me when I go to wave.

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  11. *waves arms wildly in the arm* Hello, female Canadian gamer here! Not only plays WoW but blogs about it!

    I’d never play it in class though (I’m paranoid about getting in trouble). It’s kind of creepy that you noticed all of that but maybe she’d like it if you noticed? I know I would be pleasantly surprised if someone noticed the Horde hoodie that I wear all the time. >.>

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  12. Canadian Female WoW Player here, I’m even in university… but not taking Psych, so it’s good to know Matt isn’t stalking me.

    Although I’m the same as him, the other day I was sitting in the cafe on campus and I heard from across the room the words “Elemental Shaman” and my ears perked up…. I abandoned the book I was reading and headed over and spend a good half hour talking to a couple guys about WoW. 😀

    I always like running into other players in real life, and if possible I always talk to someone if I hear that they play, I know that I’d like people to come talk to me about it!

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  13. You know…I work at a gaming industry related company, our new CTO installed WoW his first week here (and later informed me that he had a Grand Marshal before he stopped playing religiously), and our General Manager just opened an account to “learn a bit more about WoW since he hears about it so much”.

    All this and I second the cajones comment regarding whipping out WoW in class. I just can’t bring myself to install WoW on my work computer because I feel like it is inappropriate. 🙂

  14. -laughs- Oh, the comments are hilarious. And I’m reading this in class as we speak — and will be blogging while my teacher’s lecturing. >.>

    You’re such a stalker, Matt… So go ask her out! Where’s part two of this? :O

    Female US WoW player and blogger here! … Can’t tell you how often we get hit on at times… -rolls eyes- I’m brave enough to blog and kinda catch up about blogs in the middle of class — playing WoW, however, would just be way too bold. I’d get my head severed to me on a very dirty platter.

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  15. @Yggdrasil: Nah, I couldn’t really help it. It’s not like I was doing it intentionally. It was just right there. Had to pay attention to the lecture and it was difficult to do that. Not my type anyway. I’ll sit in a different part of class next time so as not to endure the same problem again.


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